Power Body: Strength Training

Rob Glick
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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In 67 minutes, Rob works the entire body with unique & challenging strength training. The workout is fully chaptered so you can pick and choose sections based on your personal fitness needs.


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Full Body

Rob offers suggestions on how to use the workout (making it a great workout to grow with). It's at an intermediate/advanced level of difficulty and uses several sets of hand weights and a step.

The warmup is simple and prepares the muscles for the weight work. The full body strength segment is about 40 minutes in length. Rob uses multiple reps and various range of motions to fully engage the muscles being worked. (I was personally sore in areas that normally don't feel it like the outer thighs) Lots of form pointers throughout ensure a safe & effective workout. Rob sometimes combines upper & lower body exercises. (you may need to lower your resistance to execute proper form since the upper body usually isn't as strong as the lower) Unique variations make it different from other workouts and offers additional challenges. (staggered stance squats, cross over lunges, wide range rows, side to side pushups and one arm flyes are a few examples) You'll work all areas of the legs, glutes, back, chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps.

The core work is about 9-10 minutes in length. Using the step, you'll maintain neutral posture & fire up the abs. (some exercises appear easy but looks are deceiving & you'll feel it if you maintain the correct posture) You'll work the lower, upper, transverse & sides of the abs. Because a strong core needs a strong back, Rob includes low back exercises to round out the core section. A nice stretch concludes the workout.

Instructor Comments:
Rob's attitude is contagious! He's friendly (draws the viewer in) and offers excellent cueing.