P90 Masters: Sculpt 5/6

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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I use this as an Upper Body workout, more than a total body workout, and for that it works really well. There are 4 rounds of 6 exercises (Chest, Back, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, Legs.) The leg work is fine - and actually includes some very good exercises, but it just isn't enough, IMO. So, sometimes I skip the lower body. It makes the workout even more time-efficient and easy to fit in.

The upper body exercises are great. Similar to P90X with the pushups, but using weights instead of pull-ups for the back. Since you are doing all body parts, and the workout is shorter, it is easier. However, still very effective if you use the right weights.

Lisa C


Sculpt 5-6 is one of six DVDs in the Power 90 Masters series. Although it came after Power 90X, is is actually a less intense series. It is more intense with more variety than the original Power 90 series.
As with all the Power 90 workouts, there is a countdown clock at the bottom of the screen. Although it is distracting to some, I really like this feature. There are pop up tips of advise that I do find annoying though. This is a complete upper and lower body workout in just under 45 minutes. Although it is not super intense, I do feel like I got a good workout in when I am finished. There is no dread factor for me with this video. Tony is his usual self in this video, some people love him, some people find him annoying. I find him to be very encouraging. He allows us to do as many reps as we can of an exercise rather than a certain number. He reminds us to set a goal and do what we can. I like this approach. He also has a nice relationship with the background exercisers (a male and female). He is constantly talking with them and checking or correcting their form. The exercises are demonstrated both with a band and with hand weights. There are also many exercises that use your own body weight. He often offers advice on how to make the exercise more difficult as well as how to modify. This is a video that beginners can definately do at their own pace, but it is also challenging enough for intermediates. This is a circut workout. You move quickly from one exercise to the next so the workout flies by. There is a thorough warm that lasts about 6 minutes. Before each new exercise there is a demonstration on how to do it. This is helpful because there are a few moves in here that I had not seen before. Tony rotates between a type of push up, back, shoulder, biceps, triceps, and lower body exercises. He then repeats the sequence with a different exercise. I like all the variety that this workout offers. This workout does not have the endless sets like some do. This keeps the workout interesting because there is always something new.

Instructor Comments:
I find Tony to be very encouraging and entertaining. I feel like I am really working out with him, rather than watching him on tv.



This workout is part of the Masters series, intended as an intermediary between P90 and P90X. This is a solid, fun circuit workout. There are about four rounds and each has one exercise each of push-ups moves, back exercise, shoulder exercise, biceps, triceps and lower body. You do about 12-15 reps each for the upper body and up to 20 for lower body. You move from one exercise to the next without repeating; time goes by quickly. I love this style of working out!

There is a feature I like from the original P90, they take a few seconds before the move to demo it in a split screen with the advanced move on the bottom and a modified version on top. They do not do this in later series such as X+, so I was happy to see it here. However, I did miss the bars up the side of the screen that tell you how many exercises are done and how many remain. The structure of the routine was easy to figure out though.

Tony has a male and female background exerciser. The woman shows a modified version and does more reps, using weights. The man uses bands and does fewer reps. Tony explains that se is going for longer, leaner look and he is trying to bulk. So you could experiment with the equipment and the reps to achieve different results. Also, you could make the workout shorter quite easily. Just make sure that you stop after a leg exercise because that is always the last one in the circuit.

For myself, I do feel like my lower body responds better to higher-rep work. I am not sure this would be enough for me as my only weight workout. But as part of a larger Tony rotation, this is a solid strength entry. I have been enjoying my recent experiments with the Masters series and I am sorry I let it sit, unused, on my shelf for so long.



I really liked this video. It is the PERFECT add on to cardio and it gets it ALL done in 45 minutes. He also does a lot of interesting and new compound moves which I love. There are so many multi-joint exercises, I can't even start to name them all, but basically, he takes regular exercises like the row, the lat raise, bicep curl and puts so many different spins on them, I love it. Then he dispurses all different types of push-ups throughout. Genius! This one's definitely a keeper!

Instructor Comments:
I really like Tony. He cracks jokes, corresponds with his "team mates" and doesn't take himself seriously which is something I really like in an instructor. He keeps it light. I tend to be a perfectionist with exercise and am really hard on myself which obviously can make exercise less "fun" and more "work". Instructors like Tony remind me that "it's o.k." not to be perfect.

Denise Berger


Tony Horton

I have not yet done this workout, but I wanted to provide a listing of exercises contained in the workout, since that was something I was curious about myself. They are:

Warm-up and stretches
Side to Side Push-Ups
Heavy Pants (one arm at a time)
Six direction shoulder fly
Preacher curls
Split leg wide tri rise
One-legged hamstring press (w/chair)
Plange push-up
Reverse grip heavy pants
Straight arm shoulder fly
Incline curls
Elevated chair dips
One-leg Ruble squat
Rami push up (wide push up, dive bomder into plank or down dog)
Two-way lawn mowers
Scarecrow press
In and out hammer curls
Flared arm sphinx
Prayer squat to toe raise
Salutation push-up
Locomotive lawn mower
Upright row into Y press
Open arm 21's
Reverse grip tricep extensions
Plyo 80-20's (squats w/plyo on up phase)
Cool down and stretches

Some of the music I recognize from P90X. I look forward to trying this workout sometime when I am looking for a full body weight workout!

Instructor Comments:

(This is a pretty extensive workout. Some of the timings are estimates. I hope I captured everything!)

1.Warm up/stretch (6:05)
2.Side-to-side push up (45 sec)
3.One leg at a time (40 sec)
4.Six direction shoulder fly (1:05)
5.Preacher curls (45 sec)
6.Split leg wide tri rise (30 sec each side)
7.1 legged hamstring press (12 reps each side)
8.Plange push up (50 sec)
9.Reverse grip heavy pants (30 sec)
10.Straight arm shoulder fly (45 sec)
11.Incline curls (40 sec)
12.Elevated chair dips (41 sec)
13.One legged Russian ruble squats (15 reps each side)
14.Water break (20 sec)

15.Rami push up (48 sec)
16.Two way lawnmower (each side 25 sec)
17.Scarecrow press (47 sec)
18.In and out hammer curls (45 sec)
19.Flared arm Sphinx push up (28 sec)
20.Prayer squat toe raise (20 reps)
21.Salutation push up (1 min)
22.Locomotive lawnmower (36 sec each side)
23.Upright row Y press (55 sec)
24.Open arm 21s
25.Reverse grip triceps extension (28 sec)
26.80-20 plyo squats(25 reps each side)

27.Cool down (5 min)

PROS: This is a real killer of a work out. If done with the recommended weight it is INTENSE and very rewarding. The timing of the video here seems perfect. There is enough time between exercises to switch. The sheer variety of exercises and switching from upper body to core to legs really make for a dynamic workout.

(I never thought that weight training could be all that creative, but if there ever was a creative weight training workout, this is it.)

When I finish this one, I'm really out of breath. This is both strength and circuit training. I find the video really flows here. After doing this many times, I really see the logic in how Tony put this workout together. As with P90 and P90 MS workouts, this one requires simple, basic equipment (some bands or weights, a mat, and a bottle cap) and really delivers an intense workout.

It's nice (for once) to see the gal using the dumbells and the guy using the resistance bands;)

CONS: Some exercises may not work well with bands (e.g. hammer curls--an alternate move is shown but this is really just an in and out regular curl. In fly moves it is difficult to maintain appropriate tension throughout the move. Some moves like the locomotive lawnmower, scarecrow press, and upright row Y press are doable but more natural with free weights). This workout is filled with variations on pushups. Those with wrist problems or who lack sufficient upper body strength will have some difficulty making it through. Tony really likes the idea that the pushup is an 'ideal' exercise to work the upper body and the core. Variations are shown, but could still present difficulties. Some of the leg exercises require deep knee bends. Although there is hardly any plyo (optional on the last move) the moves may be hard on those with knee stability problems.

This is an ADVANCED level weight training workout. It really delivers. It is real weight training without expensive equipment which for me is a real plus. The variety of exercises keeps away boredom. If you like weight training this is a good one for you.


Tony seems to have complete devotees (like me) or people who don't like his playful/competitive patter. He is tends to be much more serious during this one--more like Yoga X, but the playful streak does come through. He does hit his competative tone on this one. He is very engaging and encouraging in this one. His cuing here is dead on and he really helps you make it through a hard work out.

Jon L