Workout: One-on-One Training with Jackie

Jackie Warner
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This dvd has three 20 minute workouts on it: Upper Body (plus cardio), Lower Body(plus cardio), and Abs/ Core (plus cardio). Jackie works out with her crew of trainers from her TV show Workout in a nice open set with hardwood floors. In the UB & LB workouts she starts with the group warming up together and then all but one trainer goes and sits in the back and Jackie and one trainer alone workout together for each set. One trainer shows beginner mods in the core w/o. You will need a variety of dumbbells for this workout.

I actually like that the other trainers go sit in the back-it gives you the "personal trainer" feel that Im sure Jackie was aiming for-since afterall, they are all PT's. In each segment they do 3 or 4 strength moves for 1 minute each and then follow it with a cardio move. A lot of the cardio moves compliment the strength moves you just did (i.e. shuffle with speedbag after working your shoulders).

The upper body work inclues: bicep curl variations, lat row variations, tricep kickbacks, pushups, pec fly, skull crushers, bench press, delt work, etc. The lower body work includes: weighted and unweighted (you can add weights to up the intensity) squat and lunge variations, bridge work, lying leg scissors, kicks, etc. The core work is TOUGH (possibly the most challening ab w/o I own) and includes: crunch and V sit variations, plank, plank twists, Mt. climbers, burpees, bicycle crunches, etc. All the cardio is athletic and straightforward.

In 20 minutes you really accomplish a LOT in these workouts!!! I really enjoy this workout and it makes a great add on to the w/o's listed above. I like Jackie's style and her cueing is good. I would rate this a high intermediate w/o. She does move fast so you can either a) use lighter than normal weights, or b) slow down the pace. I highly reccomend this w/o!



Workout consists of three twenty minute workouts which you can do separately or combine as you wish.

For upper & lower body, one of Jackie's trainers demonstrate three or four exercises then the next trainer demonstrates the next few sets until all four have been up. The trainers are from Jackie's Bravo TV show. They are Jesse, Rebecca, Renessa & Agostina.

For each section there is a brief warm-up targeting the upper body, lower body & core respectively, as opposed to the five to seven minute hi/lo warm-up that we are accustomed to seeing in home workout videos. The warm-ups are targeted to the body parts you are about to work. They are effective & time efficient. Jackie leads all of the trainers in the warm-up as well as the stretch at the end of each workout.

The format is one minute for each of 3-4 exercises, with the last 2-3 exercises being a cardio exercise for the body part you are working. Each of the trainers demonstrates a set like that, then the next trainer does a similar set. Jackie does a few reps with each trainer then stops to queue form.

I loved all three workouts! They are fast, thorough and tough! I would say intermediate to advanced level. They move quickly into each exercise so you might benefit from a quick preview so you are prepared the first time through, or else have your remote handy to pause.

Here are the breakdowns:

Upper Body
- bent over rows
- alternating biceps curls
- outer biceps curls
- rear delt flyes
- jumping jacks
- ski bunnies
- modified pushups (on your knees) with the option to switch to your toes if you can
- kneeling triceps kick backs
- combination lateral & front shoulder raises
- twist jabs, 30 seconds on each side for cardio
- alternating one arm rows, using full range of motion, kind of lawnmowerish
- hammer curls
- bent over close grip hammer curls, very much like a preacher curl
- transverse flyes (standing)
- alternating knees to opposite elbow for cardio
- combination hest flyes & close grip bench presses on the floor
- close grip triceps presses & skull crusher combination
- lateral raises with elbows bent & body slightly leaning forward
- military presses
- speed bag arms with ski shuffles for cardio
- Stretch

Lower Body
- targeted lower body warm-up
- squats without weights, but you can add weights if you want. I probably will next time.
- Alternating front lunges with or without weights
- Box squats (plie squat, then right forward lunge, plie then left forward lunge)
- Backward lunges with weights
- Drop Steps (face forward, then fencer lunge to the rear at 5:00 & 7:00)
- Jump lunge shuffle for cardio (plyo lunges)
- Military knee ups for cardio
- Sumo squats without weights
- Front diagonal lunges
- Sumo squats with drop step (curtsy lunges)
- Knee ups
- Alternating side kicks with a squat in between
- To the floor for bridges with an option to rest weights on your hips
- Reverse scissor in prone position
- Three quarter kick (donkey kicks slight out to the side)
- Stretch

- Core warm-up
- Crunches
- Clams
- Plank
- Mountain climbers
- Plank twists
- Bicycles
- Figure eights
- Side plank rotation
- Torso twists
- Straight leg taps
- Scissor
- Penguin heel taps
- Burpees
- V-sit extend & flex
- Side roll
- Plank variation (up & down from resting on your forearms to full plank on your hands)
- Fast bicycle (cardio)
- Stretch

Instructor Comments:
I like Jackie. She seems genuine in this video. Good insruction & form pointers. She got a bad rep around here due to the incident on her Bravo show with Kelly Roberts. I can understand Kelly's being offended but I believe the whole thing was a misunderstanding.

Helen K (antbuko)