Start Fitness - Operation Fit To Fight Series

Ken Weichert

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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In the last 20 years, I've done nearly every single well known video exercise in efforts to stay in shape... from Jane Fonda to Billie Blanks. I have to say that Sgt Ken Weichert's Fit to Fight Bootcamp series is by far the most consistently motivating and the one video that generates the most immediate and lasting results.

I am particularly challenged because my job requires that I travel approximately 3 weeks of the month. As a result, I really rely on these dvds to keep me in shape. Often times there aren't gyms when i travel, and these 45 + min sessions give me everything i could accomplish in up to 2 hours of gym time on my own. They allow me to efficiently get in my exercise for they day while staying in tip- top shape during my busy schedule on the road.

I highly recommend Sgt Ken's Fit to Fight DVD series. He also has a terrific, user friendly website: which i check and use all the time as a resource of information on health, fitness and to keep motivated and inspired.

I urge anyone who's struggled with their weight, fitness or motivation to try this out!! I'm pretty tough to inspire and this DVD series is the thing that pushed me over the edge into total fitness!

Instructor Comments:
Sgt Ken Weichert does a terrific job motivating me as a user of his DVDs. He's not only inspirational, but also provides consistent education and information about the movements, how what we're doing affects our body, and teaches us about practicing strength exercises, flexibility and stamina.

Seeley Vitacco