Nonstop! 100% Aerobic Weight Training

Joyce Vedral

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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I only feel so so about this workout. It is on the dvd with Dynamic Tension, which I love, so of course I'm going to keep it. I rarely do this workout, but did it yesterday since I was on vacation a week and wasn't sure I was up to a heavier weight workout and knew I could stop after the 2nd round, which I did and felt I got a good workout.

Joyce does lift slower than Weight Training Made Easier, but it is a fast paced workout. I prefer slower still, but felt I could adequately perform the reps. It would be great if you wanted to do just a round if you were short on time, since she hits everything over & over and included 3 different styles of over head presses for shoulders as well as rear delt lifts, frontal delt lifts and medial as well.

The lower workout I liked all the squats in a row & really felt the burn in my quads later. She does some jerking kicks for lower body which don't look like they do anything so I do the 4th exercise for floorwork at a slower pace instead which is in some Firms as leg shoot outs. The one bad thing is in one round she left out a leg of an exercise similar to donkey kicks. She pauses for a split second, like she knew she was forgetting something and moves on. At least I can easily pause and do my other leg, but would rather not have to bother and have a well made workout.

Also, I noticed while doing the abs the 2nd round, she added 2 that were missed during the 1st. This didn't bother me as much, but leaving off a leg after doing the other did. Overall, I prefer this Non-Stop to her Speedy version.

Instructor Comments:
Forgets an exercise & she chose not to do editing which I felt was a big mistake.



This workout is available on dvd along with the Dynamic Tension workout. I do not use it as frequently as DT, but it is not a bad routine. It is a giant set: you do one set of every exercise in the sequence, then start all over again. There are three rounds.

The workout has two parts, an upper body section and a lower body section. They can be done together, or on split days. Of the two, I much preferred the upper body section. It had a nice mox of exercises, and the format of one set per round made the time go by quickly. The lower body workout, while structured similarly, had a mix of exercises that in my opinion was not as well-sequenced. There was at one point four different kinds of squat exercises in a row! This was a bit excessive for me, and I thought she could have spaced them out a little more.

Overall, this routine will be a good one for me to mix up with my other ones from time to time, but I can't see it becoming a regular staple in my rotation.

Instructor Comments:
I enjoy Joyce's personality on-screen, but her rep speed and form are only so-so. I would not recommend this workout to a beginner. Also, I would not recommend ordering off Joyce's website as her customer service leaves much to be desired.



This is my first review so, I hope all goes well as my first review. The video is Joyce's NonStop 100% Weight Training Aerobic Routine. (Oh boy is it REALLY non stop!!!) The video starts off with upper body & calves on day 1 (excluding back). Day 2 is Lower body and back. It's all on one video. I would have to say the speed is about the same as Weight Training Made Easier for those of you who have it. Joyce starts off with stretches and no warm up. She begins with a back and spine stretch, bicep and tricep stretch, side bend, torso twist, and runner's stretch for ankles and quads. Joyce is doing a Super Duper Giant Set. (not as scary as it sounds). You'll need 3 sets of weights so you can pyramid them up as the reps go down. It's the usual 12-10-8 rep but with a new twist. Here is the order of exercises she does with the first set of light weights for 12 reps:

Upper Body & Calves
double arm biceps curl
tricep kickbacks
overhead shoulder move with both arms (I forgot the name of the move but you can sub and do a military press if it's uncomfortable)
pee wee lateral
bent laterals (for shoulders)
one arm overhead french press
concentration curls
alternating dumbbell curls
hammer curls
alternating military press
side laterals
front raises
bench press
pec flies
lying french press (tricep)
cross face kick back (tricep)
close tricep bench press
calf work with toes pointing forward, out then in. This is done in a sitting position with weights on the knees.

This is the whole routine for upper and calf. After this first set, Joyce goes through the same moves again but with the middle weights and 10 reps. The last set is 8 reps and heaviest weights. There is no rest in between each exercise. The only break you'll get is to pick up the next weight or change exercises. This is what makes it aerobic (and sort of breathless)!

Day 2...Lower Body & Back for leg work, you do some for 15 reps as well as ab work (I'll put a * next to it) and you use no weights. For the rest, you'll use the pyramid system.

straddle squat
regular squat
front squat
hack squat
bent knee dead lift
*sissy squat
leg curl
*stomach knee ins
*crunch with legs in air
*crunch with bent legs
*lying butt lift
*side leg raises
*lying inner thigh
*lying front kick outs
*lying back kick outs
*leg raises (while on knees)
*shoot outs
double arm reverse row
double row
double arm bent row
seated dumbbell back lateral
upright row

Again Joyce goes through the routine 2 times more and pyramids the segments with weights.

The whole video can be done in an hour. Joyce does not include a stretch at the end so you'll have to do that on your own. The music was nice but not loud at all. I enjoyed hearing some of the music I've heard in Cathe's videos. I always find something to remind me of Cathe! That means I'll have to use this video until her new ones are out. I liked seeing Joyce do push ups in her videos for the first time. She has done them in her book but I forget at the moment. It was also nice to see the way she moved from one exercise to the other. The only thing I would advise is to have heavier or lighter weights ready since not all bodyparts can lift the same amount of weights and Joyce goes to the next exercise fast. For the squats, the difference is in the way she holds the weights and her feet.

Did I like this video? I'd have to say yes! I think this is a must have for anyone who does Joyce videos. It's nice to add to the collection. Joyce didn't do too bad on the counting this time around although she did miss a few but not like in her previous videos. ;o) is it worth the money? It all depends on how much you like her videos. I didn't care for price soo much but I do like the video. It feels fresh. What I didn't like was Joyce wore red shorts. (yes I'm picking here). Problem with that is the rug was red and so was part of the background. She wears a different color in Dynamic Tension so she doesn't blend so much in that one. Joyce mentions she will be 58 this month. I think she looks darn good for someone her age. I forgot to mention she works alone in this video. So, to wrap it up, I think this is a good one to add to the Joyce Vedral video collection.