The Next Challenge

Cindy Crawford
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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It's been at least two years since I've done this video (I gave it to a friend) but...I'll attempt to remember it anyway.

The 'mood' of the video is kind of "MTVish". There are a lot of edits during the video, first Cindy is doing the move outside, then she is doing it in a gym, then she is doing it in an industrialish looking room. Of course she has a different outfit on every time. Also, the whole time 'Radu' her personal trainer, is off to the side giving her direction. Occasionally he steps in and corrects her form, or pushes her to work a little harder.

There was a kind of aerobic section at the beginning. It was a little strange. It was very slowpaced, she did a lot of moves that would be aerobic at a faster pace, but most of it was too slow to get my heart rate up. However, some of the moves themselves were challenging. Cindy does lunges and dips, (no steps or weights), some Karate kicks, and some speedskating moves. Those are all the specifics I can remember from that section. I guess the strange part about this is that, it was almost aerobic, so I would call it easy in that sense, but a lot of the moves they did where sort of tough 'muscularly' if that makes sense. A true beginner would have a hard time with this stuff, but if you are fairly strong, it won't be difficult.

There is a 'toning' section after this. She uses light dumbbells and does the typical arm, back and shoulder work with them. (rows, flys etc.) I believe the ab section was after that, she does quite a few crunches and...situps. I find this a little strange, because sit-ups are considered pretty outdated these days. She does caution you to do crunches if you have back problems, not situps.

I wish I could remember more detailed info, but my overall impression of the tape was...that I liked it. I am a pretty advanced exerciser, and this video would be too easy for me now, but it was a pretty good start to get back into exercising after I had my last baby. It is probably getting to the point where you can find it on clearance tables, and if you are a beginner to intermediate exerciser, it may be worth it to try. I gave the video away a year ago, it has been at least a year before that since I had used it, but I have built on some of the moves I learned in this video in my current training. Cindy's first video got knocked for having unsafe moves in it, I didn't find anything real unsafe in this second video.

Trish Ransom


[Cindy's] first video came under alot of criticism for being unsafe but you can feel confident that this one is fairly safe. It's not the greatest in terms of fat-burning; you may want a more aerobic-type video for that, but, on the other hand, it's a great all-around toning and endurance video. Also, it's great if you're tight on space, I'm able to do the workout in my college dorm room which, believe me, is not much space at all. The music for the video is pretty good, and, the nice thing about Cindy is she's not a waif like other models. Her body is somewhat attainable (if you're 5'10" that is!) and you can tell she really does workout, unlike the series of videos Claudia put out recently. I read an interview with her recently in which she ADMITTED that she didn't work out until she was approached with the idea of doing the videos--not the world's best motivator!!! Anyhow, the Cindy video is pretty good. They have it at the local Blockbuster and I'd recommend trying it before buying it.

Laureen Bader


I tried Cindy Crawford's The Next Challenge. The pace was a little fast because her cueing was a little off. I felt that I got a complete body work-out, however I was sore afterwards. I don't know if this is good or bad. I circuit train and have never felt like I did after using her tape. The music is nice, but it is low and not motivational.



This video came out a few years ago, and like the first one, most reviews were negative. What I find funny, is that now there are a lot of "recommended" videos that incorporate the same moves (karate kicks, plyometrics jumps, etc) that Crawford and Radu did. I enjoy the video because it is different, not just the set, clothes, and music but the actual workout itself is not the same dancy stuff that you usually see out there. I like the upper body workout because although it incorporate the basics, it also gives you a lot of variations and safety options. She does it with light weights; when it got too easy for me I just used heavier weights at a slower pace. The lower body portion really makes me work! I like the sports based moves that really make me work on balance and coordination.

I think Crawford's video just suffered from backlash because she is a supermodel. (How dare she be able to do anything else successfully)!

Instructor Comments:
Great friendly demeanor, she gives pointers/alternatives for people who might not be able to perform certain exercises (such as sit-ups)



The workout is chaptered better than SYB. I can skip the warmup by just skipping past the chapter (yay).

The dvd has a single workout (an hour) that works the whole body. Abs are interspersed between other body parts.

There are some jumping type drills in the leg workout which I enjoyed.
Reminded me of sports conditioning type drills.

The lunge moves are very dynamic, and this time, Cindy does them without a chair.

She does Crescent Kicks which I adore!! She also does some front kicks.

Next is abs and chest.

Her pace is slower than I like in the ab work, but the SYB workout was too fast at times. I just did the pace I like.

The chest work was dynamic with sweeping motions. I loved it - and it was one giant superset. But I used 3 lb wts at times because I didn't want to injure my shoulders on the sweeping motions.

After more abs, you get up and do more upper body (biceps, shoulders and backs). I used 5s, but used 3 for front raises.

It's this big multi-set, but you end up doing a few sets of bent over double rows, and fore-arm curls (reverse curls). The back is hard to work effectively which is why I think you do so many.

Then there is more abs and back work that looked fun, but I ran out of time, so I can't comment on this section or the stretch work.

I will include this in my Cindy Crawford rotation, which consisted up til now of doing Shape your body 1 one day, and Shape your body 2 the next.

Since starting with SYB about 10 days ago, I have been doing them almost every day (with the exception of 2 days where I did other things).

My abs have pulled in alot and my legs are starting to see this nifty cut right above my knee on my quad - outer side. I carry fat there, so that's a good thing

Instructor Comments:
Radu is very low key here. Hardly says anything.

Cindy does the cuing. Cindy is amiable enough and she's in decent shape here. Her form seems a lot better than Shape Your Body. She also seems to have more endurance here.



I really liked this video. First of all, I like the music. It's not blaring, or too dancy, it's just something with a pretty good beat to listen to when Cindy isn't talking. I like how they show different perspectives: some scenes take place outside, some are inside, while some look like they're in the city. I also really like how she takes breaks, allowing time to drink water and set up for the next sets. The video has a small cardio segment in it (mainly to get your blood flowing) but it also works all of your muscles.

April M. Stone


This video, while it has a unique element, it rather repetitive. While there are sections of "kick boxing" that I thought were a little more interesting, many of the moves were rather "usual" and boring. I really can't put my finger on why I don't like this video, but the best explination I have is that there is too much time spent on how to do something as there is doing it. Keep it moving.
The toning sections of this video are rather usual as well. She does the typical leg work, crunches and upper body weight work. Nothing special.



I think this video is a great workout. The leg section does seem cardiovascular and gets my heart rate up to 65% usually. I think Cindy gives good instructions on how to do each exercise. There is also a glossary at the end of the video that explains how to do some of the exercises properly. There are alot of arm/chest exercises that usually leave me sore the next day. And the ab section is also a good workout. (except for the one exercise where she extends her legs-this is a killer on my lower back, so I do them with my knee bent and feet on floor) The only complaint I have is that she doesn't do many stretches, especially for all the arm workout that is involved. I would take this video to a desert island with me.



I enjoy the workout every once in a while. The pop music background isn't to my liking, so it's hard for me to use this tape regularly. Cindy uses the same amount of weight throughout the upper body segment, I've found that you can get a much better workout if you change the amount of weight for each exercise.

Instructor Comments:
Cindy Crawford seems to be taking herself way-too-seriously--her whole demeanor is like a bad imitation of Karen Voight. Radu approaches these exercises as it he expects you to find them a chore.



This video is very challenging. It really works your muscles. I'm always sore for at least 2 days. It's good for keeping your body toned. I enjoyed the music. I loved that she gave several breaks for water. That really helps, it makes you able to keep on going. I also liked that the video gave specific instructions on how to perform each exercise in order to get the most out of it and so your would not get hurt. That was a great idea. All the moves are tough. Especially legs exercises. But when I'm finished I feel great. I like to do this video 1-2 times a week, and that's enough!

Instructor Comments:
She portrayed working out as actually work, which is what most people think. She worked hard and had to be pushed to try harder. I was able to relate to her. When I was tired and in pain, I could tell so was she.



I just borrowed this video from a friend and tried it out tonight. I really felt like I got a good work out--I was exhausted afterwards! The leg exercises in the beginning really got my heart rate up (lunges, kicks, jumps, didn't care for the crescent kicks that she did though). The abs section really blew me away (which included sit-ups with the usual crunch exercises) and made me work. I didn't feel like the arm exercises (with weights) were as good a work out since she uses the same weights the whole time and doesn't give you a chance to switch (unless you hit pause). Lastly, there are a few great back stretches/exercises. Overall, I liked this video, it really made me work (especially legs and abs)! I am no beginner to exercise/weightlifting and this was difficult for me!

Instructor Comments:
I like Cindy's straightforward approach and the fact that she really works out in the video (she is panting right along with you!). As for her instructor, I thought he was a bit solemn for the video and didn't really offer much informative input.



I love this video and I use it at least 4 times a week. Even though Cindy is a supermodel, she is one of us. She works hard and produces a great routine. It really got me motivated.

Instructor Comments:
Cindy is informative and down to earth.



I just have to say that I love these 2 workouts. I usually do Jane Fonda and Denise Austin. I think Cindy does a great job. Some of the exercise are soo different then the typically tapes. I was sore the next day and thats normal. And I workout at the gym and to my tapes. Dont think cause you workout that you will not be sore from this tape cause you will.And what was said about these 2 tapes that it was dangerous well, every tape and exercise you do can be dangerous if-you are overweight,smoke(cant breath),dont use correct form,and illnesses especially if you are older. Your body will tell you when to stop so, remember that. On a scale 1 to 10 I give this an 9. 10 is perfect and nothing in this world is perfect. And one more thing yes, some of the moves were done a little fast.

Carmen Arnold


anyone who does this entire video and claims they are to advanced to get results are full of it!!!! DO THE WHOLE TAPE....this workout will get your whole body in shape....where i work ..we all have this exercise tape. i can always tell when someone has done it the night before! THEY CAN BARELY WALK! but if you keep IT UP your body will improve a lot.

Instructor Comments:
she's pretty good ..nothing fancy like i would have expected ... this girl is in serious shape..... she is way way advanced!

diane launderville


This tape gets my vote for most creative artistry!

What a fabulous full body workout. There must have been 60 or more different exercises. Many I've never done in my life. I loved the chest work on the mat with the full circular and 180 degree movements. That alone would have covered biceps and triceps in my book but she went on to killer standing arm and back work. She hit abs three separate times with fun but effective movements. And for abs, each set consisted of 20 reps unlike all the other work of 10 reps, which kept the ball rolling. Even the initial cardio leg work was not intolerable, though it consisted of some high impact, and I had worked up a sweat by the time we hit the mat.

Love, love this tape. Another great classic like FIRM Vol #1.

Thanks for touting this tape. It lived up to its reputation.

Instructor Comments:
Others were right when they said, "It's like exercising with your friend or trainer." Cindy sets a tone of intimacy. She is friendly but professional and motivating. She instructs while she trains so the flow could not be better. I cannot commend her enough for the sheer variety. The workout is a real boredom, and I might add, fat, buster.



I got this workout because it's now in DVD and others have raved about the workout & the production quality.

It is a very nice DVD, chaptered nicely with good sound & picture quality. I think Cindy does a pretty good job and they keep Radu out of the picture which is good.

I liked the leg work and wished they had put in some weighted squats and step-ups, it was short and it could have been made tougher. It reminds me of the Eastern European power training, lots of calisthenic-type exercises. Good variety. But why only 10 reps on EVERYTHING? If you're not using weights most intermediate-advanced exercisers need more reps to be challenged.

Overall I liked this 15minute section the best. I have to be honest if I had to choose a 15-min lower body workout in the morning I would more likely choose one of Cathe's premixes or Tamilee's I Want Those Buns.

The ab work was outdated and had some unsafe moves. 20 of everything. Good grief, side lying oblique leg lifts Ė TWENTY of them! I hated the full sit-up with torso twist at the end, thatís a lower back injury waiting to happen.

There are three total segments interspersed throughout, which is a nice way to do ab work and maintain your energy. And the DVD is chaptered so you could easily pick all three segments off the main menu.

I thought the upper body work was weak, Iíve been spoiled by Cathe. The reps were WAY too fast to maintain proper form, so I did 8 reps to her 10. The chest work was OK but not terribly effective Ė no heavy bench presses or push-ups. Many of the exercises strained the shoulders (arm/chest circles) or actually worked the back more (pull-overs).

The rest of the upper body was a giant set for shoulders, back, triceps & biceps. Unfortunately they do only 10 reps using the same set of dumbbells for all muscle groups, big and small.

There weren't enough triceps exercises in the balance. Reps again were too fast to maintain form and make any strength gains. There was more shoulder work than any other body part. Tons of lat rows for the back Ė 6 sets I think Ė way too fast on the reps and the weights werenít heavy enough. The combination tricep press/bicep curl was hard to do properly with good form and didnít feel like the biceps got worked enough.

Then the last six minutes of upper body work are strange kickboxing punching/arm movements and giant arm circle moves using dumbbells. This was just not safe, I could see someone hurting their rotator cuff doing these moves.

At first I liked the MTV-ish production and the music, but it grew old. By the end of the hour I was sick of the creative photography and yearning for some structure to the workout.

Cindy's form pointers and cueing started out very well in the leg section but in the arm section at the very end she doesn't cue well or at all. Occasionally Radu steps in to correct her form or count but the camera crew did a good job of minimizing his role. He literally is on the sidelines throughout.

This video is 10 years old and I think the exercises in this workout have not aged well Ė many of the ballistic moves have been found to be unsafe and are not used in todayís routines. Itís a workout that had promise but isnít challenging enough for high intermediate-advanced exercisers and offers too many unsafe moves at too fast of a pace for beginners.

I wish Cindy Crawford would put out some new tougher workouts - and on DVD.

Dawn P


The Next Challenge is Cindy's second workout video with personal trainer Radu. Radu's role is more minimal here, as he counts out repetitions only during the warm-up; for the majority of the workout, Cindy does all of the cueing. Unlike her first video, Shape Your Body, this video contains only a single longer workout session, making it slightly more challenging. The workout begins with a series of warm-up stretches; although these moves are very similar to the ones Shape Your Body, the pace is a bit slower, and at 7 minutes, the entire warm-up is a little longer. Next comes what Cindy refers to as the "cardiovascular" segment, which is described as "legs" on screen. I found the legs section to be somewhat like interval training: there were brief cardio bursts alternating with lower body toning moves plus frequent on-screen breaks for water/rest. For the first two minutes of cardio, you perform a series of simple footwork: jogging, knee lifts, heels up, jumping forward/back, etc. You'll then do a tough series of front/back lunges followed by a break and then lunges at a faster pace, including lunges with kicks. You'll break again, do some quick jumps, skips, and squats, break, and then move into some kickboxing-type kicks. For the final leg segment, you'll add leg lifts to the squats, then perform some brief stretches for a total of about 17 minutes.

Next you'll move to the floor for a 13-minute abs and chest work segment. For the abs work, Cindy does a range of crunches which target the lower and upper abs plus obliques; she also does a set of full sit-ups. For the chest work, there are a wide variety of moves, many of which I'd never seen before such as cirlcing the arms of the floor, moving the arms in a V-shape, combining a flye with a chest press, etc. The floorwork ends with a second abdominal segment, again performing 20 repetitions of each abs exercise (10 repetitions are used for everything else). You then move back to a standing position for additional upper body work. Again, an extensive assortment of exercises is used, although you do only one set of each move (with the exception of bent over double rows--for some reason, there are FIVE sets of these). Although Cindy performs the repetitions at a more reasonable pace than she did in Shape Your Body, the transitions between exercises is still very quick, and so you don't really have time to change weights (you can keep a set of heavier weights at your feet for the rows). However, your muscles may be so fatigued by the last few exercises that you may actually need to DROP the weights altogether for these. The standing arms section is about 12 minutes long, and then it's back to the floor for a final 8 minutes of abs and back work. I found some of the abs moves in this section to be a bit odd; I wasn't really feeling the work in my abs, so I modified and did my own crunches at times. The back work consisted of just a few basic back extentions while lying on your stomach. To finish the workout, Cindy performs about 4 minutes of yoga-ish stretches. She definitely does not hold the stretches long enough, although she states "you might want to hold these stretches longer." The total time for the workout was approximately 64 minutes, not including the glossary of exercise terms at the end.

I'm not quite sure how to classify this workout or exactly how I feel about it. It's definitely not a cardio workout and not even true interval or aerobic weight training; on the other hand, the weight work is too fast-paced to be considered a traditional strength training. I did like the lower body portion, as the moves were a little different yet still seemed effective, but I felt more ambivalent about the upper body and some of the abs moves. This might be a good workout for someone who is specifically seeking a high repetition, low weight toning workout, although personally, I prefer Cindy's A New Dimension workout to this one. Like all of Cindy's workouts, however, this video has excellent production values, as it offers a good vocal music soundtrack and is filmed in an assortment of pleasant settings. Overall, I would rate this workout at 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

Instructor Comments:
Cindy does most of the cueing herself in this video, and she does an adequate job, although she does not do mirrored cueing, which gets a bit confusing at times. She has a good on-camera personality and comes across as an encouraging workout buddy. Radu's role is so minimal that it's a surprise when he does appear.

Beth C (aka toaster)