Navy Seal Total Body Workout

Scott Helvenston
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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I would recommend this video to anyone who is interested in a boot camp style strength workout. I use this workout for sit-up and push-up improvement for Army Reserve physical fitness tests. The lower body portion gives me a good leg strength work-out that I use to improve my two-mile run. I started doing this video by doing the individual segments alone a couple of times before I attempted to do the complete video.

Scott uses exercises from the Navy Seals. He cues the exercises by calling the cadence (military style) of the exercise. Each exercise is divided into either a two or four count exercise. Dynamic stretching exercises are used between the upper-body exercises. The purpose seems to be more to flush lactic acid than to increase range of motion. The video is split into segments for warm-up (4 minutes), upper body (20 minutes), abs 20 minutes, lower body (11 minutes) and a short back / bicep segment (4 minutes). 59 Minutes total time. The upper body, abs or lower body segments can be used alone. Scott gives the appropriate safety warnings as well as helpful form tips during the exercise. The setting is a beach with the ocean in the background. Scott does the advanced, Mike (?) the intermediate, and Trish the beginner version. The two males were black tank tops / shorts and Trish wears a black exercise bra and lycra shorts. The attire is appropriate and non-distracting.

The video starts with a four minute warm-up using dynamic stretches. The upper body segment focuses on the chest, shoulders, neck, and triceps.

Exercise	Advanced	Intermed-iate	Beginner
Push-up	25	15	15 (on knees)
Up, Back, & Over (stretch)	10	10	10
Push-up	15	10	10 (on-knees)
Hi Jack, Hi Jill (stretch)	10	10	10
Diamond Tricep Push-up	15	10	10 (on knees)
Press, Press, Fling (stretch)	10	10	10
Diamond Tricep Push-up	15	10	10 (on knees)
Neck Rotations (1 set each side)	10	10	10
Neck Up & Downs	10	10	10
Dive Bomber Push-ups	10	8	10 (wide grip push ups on knees)
Swimmers Stretch	10	10	10
Super-set Dive Bomber Push-ups
Tricep Push-ups
Push-ups	5	3	3(wide grip push ups on knees)
	10	5	5 (on knees)
	15	10	10 (on knees)
The abdominal section starts with lower abdominal exercises, mid and oblique then upper abs:
Exercise	Advanced	Intermediate	Beginner
Reverse crunch	20	20	20
L-sit raises	20	15	10
Leg lifts (4 count)	20	15	10
Flutter kicks (4 count)	30	20	10
Lying stretch	 	 	 
Cross leg crunch (one set each side)	20	15	10
Alternating Cross Reach Crunch	15	12	10
Superset (one set each side) Oblique crunch, oblique leg lift	15	12	10
Alternating knee to chest	15	12	12 (modified)
Lying stretch	 	 	 
Standard crunch	20	15	12
One leg crunch (one set each side)	15	12	10
Alternating L-sit crunch	15	12	10
Alternating V-sit crunch	15	10	rest
Cobra stretch	 	 	 
Lower body works hips, glutes, abductors, adductors, quads, back, calf, and hamstrings:
Exercise	Advanced	Intermediate	Beginner
Superset: Fire hydrant / donkey kick	10	10	10
Prone flutter kick	30 seconds	30 seconds	30 seconds
Inner thigh lift (one set each side)	15	15	15
Alternating lunges	15	12	10
Calf raise	15	15	15
Hamstring flex	10	10	10
Calf raise (toes out)	15	15	15
Power lunges	12	10	8
Super set: Jumping Jack / Squat thrusts (two sets)	15	12	12 (substitute calf raises first set, squats second set)
The back section uses a chin-up bar and an EZ curl bar bell for beginners (a straight barbell, body bar, or dumbells could also be used)
Exercise   AdvancedIntermediate	Beginners
Pull-ups	15	12	12 (bent over row)
Pull-ups	12	10	10 (reverse
                                 grip bent
                                 over row)
Chin -ups10	6	6 (barbell curl)

Scott Helvenston is a very professional instructor. He instructs using military style cadence. When he makes mistakes in cueing he admits to the mistakes; this is distracting since the mistakes are minor and would not be noticed by the general viewer. Hope to see more videos by Scott.

Duane Smith