NAC Body Parts

Year Released: 1996

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Overall, this is pretty good. There are 5 7-minute segments, each targeting a different "part." The legs and hips/buns sections are a little weak, and the abs section is not bad, but nothing to get overly excited about. But the chest/back and arm work is surprisingly tough for only 7 minutes. Especially those pushups!
I was undecided about whether to keep this, but I've decided I will. Instead of using it as a toning tape, I'm going to just use the short segments as add-ons to my aerobic workouts.

I rank it a B+.

Instructor Comments:
There are 5 instructors, four female and one male. I commented on the instructors in another review, so I won't do that again -- but I would like to note something else. The male, David, is always "apart" from the others. The four women are in front and always in the camera, but poor David is off to the side and back a little ways. I don't get it. He participates in the teaching (they all take turns). So what's the deal with David?

Annie S.


Parts Parts

The workout is 35 minutes long and has five separate segments: legs, buns, chest/back, arms, and abs (7 minutes each). There is no overall warm-up; each segment begins with a very short stretch for those muscles (except the abs). I'd prefer a warm-up and longer stretch. I thought you weren't supposed to stretch muscles unless they're warm. Legs: Dips, squats, dip/squat combo. Stretch.
Buns: Squats, dips, hold on to chair back and do back and side leg lifts (like we did years ago). Stretch.
Chest/Back: Pushups, 2 lower back moves, chest press w/weights, pec flies w/weights, chest/pec combo, lat pullovers w/weights. Stretch.
Arms: Biceps (fast), tricep kickbacks, shoulder combo, tricep dips, rotator cuff, militaries, rear delt lifts. Stretch.
Abs: A good combination of ab work. Stretch.
I'd say this is a good workout for B/I exercisers or for a light day. I tried to change weights during the arm section, but it went too fast. A little booklet was included that describes the NAC system and how to mix and match their 3 videos for either weight management, muscle toning or cardio training. It also described resting, target and maximum heart rate, and included a workout diary.

Instructor Comments:
These four female champions are just so perky, cute and energetic. They have an excellent rappore with each other which makes their videos really fun. I'm not sure why the token male is there; he doesn't add much.

Joni O