Muscle Building

Charlene Prickett
Year Released: 1990

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Muscle Building consists of two sections: lower body/abs and upper body, each 30 minutes long. In this video, she does 16 reps of each exercise, unlike in Serious Curves where she did only 10 (I think) but with heavier weights.

You can make this as challenging as you want to by varying the size of your weights, so it's good for all levels of exercisers. The lower body section in this one is better than in Serious Curves, but it's still a little short to get a really good lower body workout. Well, that's my opinion anyway -- I'm kinda psycho about keeping my lower body in shape!

Charlene includes a lot of exercises others don't, such as rotator cuffs and quads, which I appreciate.

I like to do this on those weight-training days when I don't feel like moving around a lot, like with the FIRM. I still work my muscles real well, but don't have to move very much! Overall, as far as toning videos go, I give this an A.

Annie S.