Motown Workout

Karen Alexander

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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I had such high hopes for this, because I really like Motown music. But this is a bad workout. Karen doesn't cue until AFTER she has already started a new move. Then she rarely stays on the beat.

Her trainer, Paula Carnabuci, pops up on a TV screen from time to time to give pointers. SEVERAL times, when doing squats, she tells you you should feel it in your QUADS. Not!

This is supposed to be a total body toning workout using dumbbells. If you can get through it, you probably would get a decent workout using the amount of weight proper for you. But you'll have to be psychic in order to anticipate Karen's next move, and you'll have to tune out the "advice" of the trainer. Grade: F.

Instructor Comments:
Karen is a model, and looks like one. She's very attractive and has good definition. But she's not pukey-pretty or anything. She seems like a "normal" person. She could smile more, though. The few times she did smile during the video, she quickly wiped it off. It was almost like she was told not to smile.

Annie S.