Sarah MacLeod
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This 62 minute total body workout, including corework, was shot in a pretty high rise loft that is overlooking the city. The music is upbeat. (see clips and listen to some of the music tracks at www.mbodied.com)

The workout offers 2 premixes, Option A or Option B. Option A includes the warmup, cardio, strength, core 1 and stretch. Option B is the same except it omits the stretch. (you can also choose from the individual chapter list to customize your own workout)


Core 1
Core 2

The warmup starts simple with marches, step touches and grapevines. Sarah adds jumping jacks, power squats, high knees, hamstring curls, knee twists and kicks which further raise the heart rate and prepare you fully for the cardio segment.

The cardio portion begins with a grapevine and 4 knees. Plies and moving plies are next. V-Step, turn steps, charlie, skips and shuffles are also included. Nothing fancy, just easy to follow moves that anyone can do. Sarah even includes some punching and plyometric type moves. She'll build the combo's, reduce & repeat them so you'll be sure to catch it! Lots of variety which will help prevent boredom. (you'll see everything from dancy mambo's, old school grapevines & jacks to kickbox and step moves)

The strength section will continue to keep the heart rate up as you'll often combine the exercises with movement. (bicep curls while marching, walking squats) The moves will tone the body with light weights/high reps. Lots of compound moves will work both upper and lower body at the same time.

Core 1 & 2 offer traditional abdominal exercises and plank work. You'll strengthen and tone the entire core area. Core 2 adds the use of 1-3 lb handweights to increase intensity.

The final stretch acts as the cooldown. It's gentle and concentrates mostly on the bigger muscles of the lower body. (however, Sarah does stretch the upper body & neck as well for a thorough full body stretch)

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