Max and Paddy - The Power of Two

Peter Kay, Patrick McGuinness
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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i love the fact that the women in the background are REAL women with curves, it made me feel more comfortable doing the video. patrick is the lead in the video, guiding you brilliantly through the workout while peter's jokes and banter with the ladies take your mind off the fact that your actually exercising. the leg and arm sections are tough towards the end but you feel so satisfied when you've finished them, the tummy bit is still good and entertaining but could be a bit more interesting.

i cant explain why this video works so well, it just does. i was tired at the end of the video but felt like i'd had a really good work out and enjoyed it too!

Instructor Comments:
Patrick is great at giving you simple but clear instructions that you can follow easily while peter is great for some laughs