Matrix Ultimate Sculpt

Kathy Smith
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This is a very innovative workout using full body movements in all planes of motion. It's definitely more of an intermediate level as it requires good general strength, balance and body awareness.

Kathy put this workout together with Angela Freeman who is the one who developed this system of training. There is a bonus section which is led by Angela, and it's a Bear! :)

Here is a Detailed Breakdown of the entire program (including the core and bonus workout.

• Move side to side (Step-tap)
• Turn (rotate)Side to side (add arms into the rotation)
• Chop (note: this is actually a “reverse woodchop” Lower as you turn to one side bringing your hands outside that hip/raise and bring arms over opposite shoulder as you turn the opposite direction)
• Horizontal then Diagonal reaches

Repeat Chop/Reaches to the opposite side

• During the second set of diagonal reaches, add a side leg lift to the diagonal reaches (lift up leg on same side as raised arm). Then Alternate sweeping one arm forward as same side leg extends backwards.
• Squat
• Add alternating arms sweeping forward as you squat downward.
• Rotate torso bringing opposite elbow to knee as you squat
• Rotate torso bringing one straight arm up, the other to the floor (like a “windmill” pattern)

• Regular Squats (bringing arms forward as you squat downward)
• Squats w/ 3 pulses (go lower w/ each pulse) then raise back up.
• Pop Ups: Bounces w/ soft knees coming up as you rise up, then add a plyometric jump as you come up.

Repeat previous three exercises

• Alternate front lunges holding D.B.s (start with small movement and gradually lower the back leg more and more)
• Alternate front lunges w/ bilateral biceps curls
• Alternate front lunges w/ leaning shoulder presses
• Alternate front lunges w/ anterior reach towards floor in center of torso

CORE MOVE:• March w/ Torso Rotation: with wide feet, bring opposite elbow to opposite knee (holding DBs. Note: You may need to lighten the weight on the DBs)
• Cross Knee Repeater: Rotate torso as you bring both elbows towards the right knee.
Repeat previous two exercises but this time do cross knee repeater with left knee.
• The Bump: Step to the left as you laterally flex to the right. After several reps then bring the left arm laterally over head. Repeat this to the opposite side (note: you can also bring both instead of just one arm overhead).

• Step out to 10 O’Clock w/ the left leg and right leg to 2 O’Clock (diagonal plane)
• Continue previous lunges but add arms by reaching down towards the center (reach down with the arm opposite the forward lunging leg, so if you’re lunging w/ the left leg you reach down with the right arm) then pressing up overhead as you return to the start position (you can either press your arm overhead w/ a bent arm that extends upward from the elbow or lift the dumbbell straight up (like a front shoulder raise w/ straight arms that continues overhead).
• Then continue previous lunge pattern but use two arms to reach down and up (the arms are on opposite sides of the forward leg)
• Then continue previous lunge pattern but alternate arms again but this time with more torso rotation, reaching towards the opposite foot.

• Step touch
• Step touch doing neutral grip shoulder presses with a side bend (lateral spinal flexion)with the left arm as you step to the right
• Repeat the same but use two arms to do the press-side bend to the right
• Step side to side (w/ a slight hop) crossing the non-support leg behind the support leg (lateral skaters) while alternating pumping your arms down and up. Note: as you step left, pump your right arm (and visa versa)
• Step touch
• Step touch doing neutral grip shoulder presses with a side bend (lateral spinal flexion)with the right arm as you step to the left
• Repeat the same but use two arms to do the press-side bend to the left
• Just Step- touch side to side

• Do double step touch bringing opposite elbow to knee (cross crunch) at the end of the pattern
• Speed work 30 seconds: fast shuffle (Triple Step)

• Squat w/ DB’s by shoulders
• Squat with rotation: Squat down then as you come up rotate from the hips as you press the arms overhead. Do this alternating from side to side.

Balance on one foot whilel performing overhead triceps extensions (one DB in each hand). Note: you can do kickbacks if that’s more appropriate.

• Alternate Side Lunges
• Continue previous but reach arms toward opposite foot (or it can just be towards the centr)
• Side lunge from a stationary position: with feet placed wider than hip width, bend into a side lunge to the right side only
• Add alternate front raises (these start with arms bend by waist, you extend arms out and slightly up so it’s “Elbow Extension w/ Shoulder Flexion) as you lunge downward (this can be done w/o DBs)
• Repeat previous two segments (side lunge from stationary position)

• Twist side to side (w/ elbows bent, DB’s out in front, you can bring them further out if you’re move advanced) rotating from the hips, but don’t go further than a 90 degree angle from the starting position.

• Side Bend: Bring feet together w/ DB’s overhead. Bend side to side.
• Option: raise one foot slightly off the ground
• One Legged Squat (bringing dbs slightly out in front_
• One Legged Squat w/ anterior reach with arm opposite of support leg, reaching towards support leg
• Balance Challenge: Reach arms forward as one leg extends behind

Repeat series from One Legged Squat

SPEED WORK (same as previous speed work section)

• Transverse Plane Lunges: Hold DBs by sides, Rotate as you lunge (to 4 O’Clock and 8’O’Clock). Note: Front foot faces forward, you are turning from your hips.
• Then add overhead press
• Switch to Biceps curls
• Then lower DBS reaching downward (1 arms on each side of lunging leg

STRENGTH• Split stance Bent one arms rows (w/ both dbs in on hand)
• Triceps extension
• Triceps extension while dipping back leg downward (extend arm behind on dip and bring it forward as you raise upward)
• Dip with leg extension (holding dbs by hips or in front of chest)
Repeat series starting with opposite arm


• Plie’ with wide legs (hold DB’s by hips, over shoulders)
• Plie’ w/ slight torso rotation from side to side alternate bringing one db in front and one behind, then rotating to the other side w/ DBs on opposite side of body.
• Plie’s w/ pulse (holding the weights by hips or over shoulders). Try going lower with each pulse.

• Seated Russian Twist w/ dbs
• Add knee lift of side you are twisting to (stop in the center between each side)
• Then stop knee lift but rotate a little faster
• Pushups
Repeat above series then stretch into child’s pose, you can interlace hands behind back
• Dead Bug: Leg lowers (from supine table position) Alternate lowering legs keeping knees bent
• Supine Hip Rotation (from supine table position) alternate sides keeping knees bent arms out to the sides
• Elbow plank 30 seconds (on knees or toes)
• Bird Dog first held, then bring knees and elbows inward (then repeat on other side)
• Plank position w/ one arm extended (then switch to opposite arm)
• Plank position w/ one leg extended (then switch to opposite leg)
• Dead Bug: Leg lowers (from supine table position) Alternate lowering legs keeping knees bent
• Supine Hip Rotation (from supine table position) alternate sides keeping knees bent arms out to the sides
• Dynamic Side plank (top arm can be on hip or up in the air).
• Static Side plank with arms extended (you can have top leg in front of the bottom leg)

Repeat from Dynamic side plank on the opposite side

• Back extension: Lie prone, with hands folded beneath head. Then raise torso and legs as you bring elbows back. Do it in two phases, lift a little w/ elbows partially back, then continue lifting even higher bringing elbows further back.
• Child’s Pose

• Dynamic Bridge: Lift up into bridge w/ arms by sides, then slowly lower
• Supine hamstring stretch (you can use band or towel over feet), point and flex your foot. Start by bringing knee into chest.
• Half happy baby: Bend knee and flex hip inward, grab sole of foot from inside the leg.
• Glute stretch (cross one leg w/ foot on opposite knee, pull knee in towards chest)
• SupineSpinal twist (one bent leg on top of the other bent leg, look over opposite shoulder)
• Roll like a ball and come into Cobbler’s Pose (aka “Butterfly”)
• Seated Spinal Twist: bring bent leg over opposite straight leg and twist towards bent leg side (do this on each side).
• Side lying Quad Stretch: Reach back and grab top leg
• Straddle forward bend
• Side Lying Quad Stretch on opposite side
• Cobra
• Cat Pose (while moving head side to side)
• Child’s pose (moving to one side, then the other)
• Kneeling Lunge, then raise up into full lunge
• Wide Leg Forward bend
• Kneeling Lunge to opposite side, then raise up into full lunge
• Stand and sweep arms overhead into standing side bend (do this on each side)
• Shoulder rolls
• Interlace hands behind back and raise arms slightly
• Overhead Triceps stretch (optional: clasp arms behind back), then switch sides

Multi Planer Lunges: Start with DB in right hand, lunging w/ left leg
• Lunge Forward (Sagittal)/45 Degree angle(Diagonal Plane)/To the side (frontal Plane)/Rotation (Transverse Plane)
• Repeat same sequence but lower DB between legs as you lunge down, and raise it overhead as you extend upward (2 Xs)
• Static Plie stance while rotating DB’s around in a circle w/ extended arms like a clock’s second hand.
• Push-ups: Plank position w/ wide hands and feet. Lift left foot and do pushup, then establish plank again then switch to lifting right foot and doing pushup. Continue alternating like this.
Repeat above series w/ DB in Left Arm and Lunging w/ Right Leg. Also, do Plie stance rotating like clock w/ DB’s in the opposite direction. Also instead of doing the pushups as above, do the series listed below.
• Start in plank, bring right knee in towards the chest, then over (internal rotation of hip with leg bent)
• Then do same thing but straighten leg as you rotate internally
• Then do the same thing but as you extend the leg, tap the opposite hand
• Then do pushups while extending leg to side and tapping the opposite hand.

Instructor Comments:
Kathy Smith brings a lot of energy to this program which has a real live class feel. As always she does a great job demonstrating and leading the workout. Highly Recommended!

Scott (Yogadad)


I have been exercising with videos for years and years, but have only done a couple lead by Kathy Smith. For some reason I have always steered clear of her, I guess because I felt that she would be too easy for me or too much of a bubblehead. But I have to admit, that the workouts that I have done I have enjoyed, and this DVD is no exception.

Ultimate Sculpt starts with about 30 minutes of interval training. Light hand weights are needed, and Kathy often has you doing lower and upper body work at the same time. You can’t really go too heavy, because many of the exercises are moving fast, and they work smaller muscles. There feels like a lot of lunges and squats, but I really enjoyed that part, because I felt that it took the workout from a solid intermediate to a high intermediate/low advanced workout. I was not expecting to work as hard as I did. It was a pleasant surprise. There are also a lot of standing ab work and some short speed drills thrown in. I had fun with them, and the time seemed to fly by for me.

After the interval training, there were about 10 minutes of core work. The ab segments were not all that difficult, but there were quite a few plank exercises that were slightly more challenging. There were also a few supermans toward the end.

The workout ended with about 10 minutes of stretching, and it was all very relaxing. The total running time was about 54 minutes, so I felt quite a bit was covered in a good amount of time.

One thing that I found hilarious was on the cover of the DVD. There is this note: “Filmed in unique ‘reality TV’ style”. I think it’s outstanding the marketing behind this phrase. Does that really sell extra workouts? Oh, and the “reality TV” style is a group of exercisers behind Kathy, working out on the floor and on platforms. Maybe it’s supposed to feel unrehearsed, because Kathy walks around and offers suggestions about proper form. Or maybe because it feels like the exercisers are really working out with you in your livingroom. But really, don’t the majority of workout videos feel “live” and “unrehearsed”?

Instructor Comments:
I have read some reviews of this workout on collagevideo, and many of the complaints were that people found Kathy to be loud and obnoxious, and that she was much more hyper than they liked. I did not find this to be the case at all. To me she seemed enthusiastic about the workout and genuine with her responses, but not annoying. This seems funny to me, because I have avoided Kathy all of these years because I did not want a rowdy instructor. But if this is Kathy at her worst, then I find her pretty fun!

Tracy (Lulu Belle)