Abs of Steel

Tamilee Webb
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Abs/Core

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Please overlook the bad production values and old date of this video (early 90s) and give this excellent abdominal workout a try.

There are three different 10-minute workouts on the video, that increase in difficulty. The last one is my favorite and is TOUGH. Tamilee gets those muscles exhausted fast with very slow and controlled abdominal movements that require you to hold a peak contraction for quite a while. There aren't any breaks in the workout -- for the whole 10 minutes you are working those abs hard. I think what makes this video so outstanding and effective is the pace of the crunches, lifts, squeezes and holds -- very measured, very controlled, yet very intense.

For comparison with other popular VF ab videos, this is not an Abs & More core stabilization type of workout. I find it tougher than Abs & More and tougher than many of the other popular ab routines with VFers, including Karen Voight's and Christi Taylor's. It's comparable in intensity to Cathe F's routines in the Pure Strength series, but I think the pace is slower and allows you to focus even better on the range of motion and keeping yours abs constantly contracted.

I don't know if the set even deserves to be dignified with that name, it's more like a bare bones room and a mat on the floor. The music is either non-existent or that kind that sounds like a porn movie soundtrack, but whatever it is, I just tune it out completely. And it's just Tamilee and you, no other exercisers and no props.

This video is just called "Abs of Steel," it's not the Target Toning version or part of the platinum series or any other of the many incarnations of the Abs of Steel workouts.

Instructor Comments:
She is an excellent instructor. She reminds me of a MUCH less serious Karen Voight. She's relaxed throughout the workout, but very focused -- no banter, all of her comments are form pointers or explanations of the anatomy and function of the abdominal muscles. Also, Tamilee's form on the exercises is just INCREDIBLE, which has got to be super tough to keep your abs in, your back in the correct posture, your breathing in synch with the exercises and keep talking and connecting with the camera at the same time.

Daphne M


The video tracking is a bit fuzzy at the beginning but then clears up immediately. The set is plain but Im not watching it for that, I watch for the exercise.

Instructor Comments:
She is an excellent video instructor. She talks throughout the video reminding you to breath and concentrate on certain muscles. She explains what muscles you are using and how it should feel. She is informative and clear in her instruction. I have tried to do other home exercise videos but lost myself in the music, or wasn't following the instructor. This video is a pleasant surprise.



I've notice a big difference in one month. I dropped one size. I do abs 6 out of 7 nights. It's a great tape. I have trouble keeping my legs up on the second series; however, they've made a difference for me!

Instructor Comments:
Very informatiave.



This video has three different 10-minute ab workouts that you can do individually or all together. It's an "adequate" workout, but lacks creativity. If you're looking for an abs-only workout in this format, you might like The Firm Parts better. I give this one a C.

Instructor Comments:
Excellent instructor, no fuss, great abs (naturally!).



This tape contains exactly what is described on the outside case - three 10 minute abdominal routines. The routines are quite effective. This tape is a good addition to my collection. I use it quite often and haven't gotten bored since it contains three workouts. Tami Lee Webb is an excellent instructor.

Camille Guiar