Industrial Strength

Grace Lazenby
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Step 2 It! Industrial Strength

This is a total body strength training workout that clocks in about 44 minutes. Dumbbells are used for some exercises (lateral raises, upright rows and one armed lat rows, outer thighs), and resistance tubing is used for all the other exercises (overhead shoulder presses, chest flies, bicep curls, inner thighs). No props were used for triceps (dips off the bench) or the ab segment which was a short series of crunches and oblique crunches.

I am new to using resistance tubing, so I still need to tinker with it to get it just right. The heavier resistance felt too difficult for me and the medium resistance felt too easy. I think once I've mastered using the tubing I can get a better workout from this video. As it is, I'd classify this as intermediate level. It was a nice change of pace from traditional strength training.

Grace did a fine job instructing. The only negative was that she tended to yell some of her cues and counting, which I found a little irritating. If you are bothered by whooping, the yelling of cues and counts had that same flavor.

Instructor Comments:

Helen K


This is a toning workout using tubing. You can do some of the exercises with dumbbells, but others might be awkward if you tried to do that. It's about 40-45 minutes long, and it's stronger on the upper body than the lower. I would call it intermediate level.

If you're a tube/dynaband fan, I think this is a good choice. I rank it an A-.

Instructor Comments:
Grace is extremely likeable, and I would probably buy any other video she cared to make. She only has 2, though (boo hoo).

Annie S.