I Want That Body

Tamilee Webb
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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I’m reviewing this DVD after using the first levels of each area (Buns, Abs, and Arms) several times, although I haven’t used it recently.

General workout breakdown: This DVD contains 6 workouts: 2 for legs & glutes, 2 for abs, and 2 for upper body (primarily biceps, triceps, and some shoulder—no chest or back). Each workout has about 1-3 minutes of cardio moves and maybe some stretching to warm up, followed by 12-14 minutes of strength training, and ending with 1 minute of stretching.

Level: I’d recommend this to an experienced beginner (I think some prior knowledge of form would be helpful) through at least an intermediate level exerciser. I’m not sure this is enough for advanced exercisers, especially since there’s no I Want that Chest & Back segment.
This DVD is great to grow with. Tamilee tells you that when the first program becomes easy, you should add more weight; when that becomes too easy, it’s time to move on to program two. You could start with first set of the first programs, progress to the entire program, and then repeat the process with the second programs. You could eventually alternate the first and second programs, if you wanted. I’m not sure many people do both programs together, but that’s an option for the more advanced.

Class: Tamilee only.

Music / Set / Production Values: The music is typical instrumental synthesizer stuff with a beat. The bright interior set is the typical one from Natural Journeys videos; it’s a large room with hardwood floors and large frosted glass windows. The sound and picture qualities are very good.

Equipment: sneakers. Most workouts require 1 pair dumbbells (your choice of weight—but keep in mind you won’t have time to switch around). Some workouts also require a chair or mat (or equivalent).

Comments: These workouts do not require much space. You should be able to take one big step front and back and two to each side; you should also be able to lie down with your arms and legs extended.

DVD Notes: The DVD allows you to play music only or choose alternate camera angles. In addition, it has an interactive multiple choice quiz, Tamilee’s top 10 list for arms / buns / abs, and “I Want Those Pounds Off” nutrition plan.

Conclusion: I think this may just be one of the most reviewed DVDs on VF! These are well designed programs whose only real flaw is that of missing some major body parts. I think that’s why I just haven’t done this lately at all. I feel if I need to add in those exercises I might as well just do the whole thing on my own—or pull out another video. That said, I can’t see myself parting with this anytime soon because it seems like an “essential.” (How many of us use a dictionary daily, yet most of us have one sitting around our house? I feel that way about this DVD; it sits around because I would feel strange getting rid of a “classic.”)
That first buns segment is such a great one. I’m in awe of anyone who can make it through that without the slightest bit of DOMS!

Instructor Comments:
Tamilee is soft-spoken and serious about what she is doing. She restricts her constant chatter to cueing and pointing out facts about the muscles you’re working or the research she’s done, comments which you’ll be able to say right along with her after repeated viewings. Tamilee mirror cues and gives you sufficient warning when she’s about to switch moves.



The workout has been broken down by previous reviewers.

What I love about this DVD is I can work one body part per day. For example one day I'll do abs and the next day buns. I like to work the abs on a day I don't want to work up a sweat because I definitey work up a sweat on the first buns section (haven't done the 2nd yet).

The first time I did the buns I was sore in the quads as well but now I just get sore in the buns even though I've done the workout about 10 times. I really work up a sweat on this one.

I love the 1st abs section (haven't done the 2nd) it's not too tough but it's nice and long, about 15 minutes. So you get a good workout without sweating.

As for the arms section that's also good. I don't have much to compare it to as I'm relativley new to fitness videos. She uses a dumbells as opposed to a barbell.

Instructor Comments:
Tamilee has perfect form and gives great pointers. She is encouraging and not at all annoying.



I picked up this DVD when I was looking for some short “add on” workouts that I could use to add short amounts of strength training to my normal routine. Tamilee does a good job of leading the segments, giving form pointers throughout the workout. She also gives common-sense advice like recommending heavier weights if a move is too easy. I find her style in this workout inspires me to try harder than I might feel like doing that day.

Each of the segments is broken down into an “easier” segment and a “harder” segment. Some of the secondary segments are tough, especially the abs. This would be a great DVD for people looking for “sparks” type workouts.

Instructor Comments:
She is calm and competent. I find she encourages me to work as hard as I can.

Laura S.


I just did I WANT THAT BODY for the first time this morning and WHAT A GREAT 30-MINUTE strength workout! I have been looking for a really solid 30-minute strength tape for those days when I wake up late and just don't have a full 45 minutes to 1 hour to work out and I have found it!

The video is broken into 2 15-minute programs which you can do separately or one after the other and both have great flow, are challenging and hit every muscle really well. She uses some compound exercises so that you get the maximum workout in minimum time. My only complaint is that I think the ab section was a little short, but I simply added about 5 minutes of my own ab work at the end. (I tacked on one segment of Firm's 5-day Abs).

The other thing I like about this workout is Tamilee herself. This is the first video I have gotten of hers and I think she has a great teaching style. She comes off as professional and she has a nice speaking voice and pleasing demeanor and she's not too "chatty".

I'd say the intensity of this video is along the lines of Firm MBS or something similar. The only equipment required, though, is a pair of dumbells and a chair, which is a big plus when you are short on time.

Instructor Comments:
Great instructor! Professional, nice speaking tone, not overly chatty, very pleasant and inspiring!



I got the DVD since it has all 3 sections. The cons of this are that it takes awhile to load and there's a warmup before each section so it's a pain to forward through it. So it just takes longer than a video. There are also sections on the scientific aspect of the moves (they were tested in a lab) and a diet and FAQ section.

Onto the workout...I like it. There are 2 15-min sections each of arms, abs and buns. One section is easier and one is harder. She has some new moves I've never done before (and I'm advanced). She does probably 5(not sure) moves and then repeats it 2-3 times. It moves quickly since she doesn't stop between moves. To make it tough, just add weight. Some of the moves, especially in abs and arms really work.

Get it if you want a fast-paced, short workout. It feels like you actually worked your muscles so it's not a waste.

Instructor Comments:
Tamilee knows what she's doing. She gives tips on form and gives good instruction. She's in great shape too.



I'm really enjoying Tamilee Webb's "I Want Those.." DVD. And I'm a die-hard strength-training nut who lives for squats, sigh.

Tamilee packs a lot into 15min - including a warm-up and cool-down. You get 6 diff workouts - an easier and harder 15min workout for buns, same for arms & shoulders, and also 2 workouts for abs.

I think what might make these tapes more "palatable" to someone who doesn't enjoy traditional strength training is that they use a nice variety of very different-than-usual exercises. And the workouts are mercifully SHORT!

For example, the Buns routine includes bodyweight only one-legged squats, a kind of runner's lunge-and-tip move, and some leg-lifts bent over holding onto a chair seat along with other exercises. I added a weight belt for the squats but they're tough regardless; I added ankle weights for the leg lifts.

The arms & shoulders tape does two giant sets of dumbbell exercises that aren't the usual garden variety - a reverse bicep curl that goes into an overhead press, or sideways-lying one-armed tricep pushups, for example.

I've commented before on how tough I think the abs tape is - yowza, the second routine is incredible! I dare anyone to do those "Jane Fonda" side-lying leg lifts in their entirety!

I think what you'll like is that the routines don't require a lot of equipment, there's a nice variety of non-traditional exercises, you don't feel utterly exhausted afterwards (but a nice burn!) and best of all, you'll be done in 13 min (15 min with warm-up & cool-down).

The DVD format is terrific because you can select routines quickly and also it allows you to choose a music-only option as you grow with the workouts and if you tire of the instructional talk, as one VFer complained.

On the DVD Tamilee also includes a weight-loss diet and nutrition plan that I didn't preview in depth.

A comment on the music - it's OK, not great, mostly instrumental with a strong beat. It seems as if the music in the abs routines is better - more rock-jazz theme and less melody, does that make sense?

All in all, a strong intermediate strength training series that is convenient and brief for those days you don't have an hour to workout.

Instructor: Tamilee is genuine and professional yet down to earth. She performs solo in this series and cues very well without too much extraneous chatter - although she does describe during the routines why the exercises chosen "tested" so well in their physiology lab, which not everyone will find useful. I think she does a great job in this series.

Dawn P