Getting Better

Margaret Richard
Year Released: 1996

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Workout Type: Total Body Weightwork

Workout Length: Upper body stretches - 3 min . Upper Body work 20 min + Abs 3.30 min. + Lower Body stretches - 3min. Lower Body work - 27min. + cooldown and stretches - 3min. = Total 57 min.
After 24 min. a sign comes up on your tv screen and says "For a Shorter Workout stop now"

Fitness Level: Advanced, Intermediate or Beginners... Her moves are slow enough to allow Beginners to keep up, Intermediate and Advanced can add weights to add intensity.

Equipment: chair, dumbells, mat

Set: 3 windows with louvers 2 sets of potted flowers

Attire: She is in full length gray body suit and a Boot on her foot.

Cast: one on one!

Effectiveness: The heavier you lift the more you'll feel it... I still feel my muscles 2 days later.

Music: Jazzy with a beat.

Presentation: Expertly and smoothly flows from one move to another. as usual she takes you through a variety of movements for each muscle group. Very nicely done!

Warm up: sitting down, flowing arm movements - 3min. head tilts, shoulder rolls, tricep stretch etc.

The Workout:
Pectorals - lay on back, handweights.
Pec flies - 7x then halfway up 8x
then pulses - 10x
then scissor arms one up while other down - 4x
pec flies 4x
halfway up 6x
pulses 4x

Triceps - still laying on back .. lift arms above head. 22x
then palms face up - 10x
then straight down twist up - 10x
pulses 12x
triceps 8x
palms up 6x
pulses 4x
quick stretch

at 10.30min. Bicep curls
sitting on chair - 10x
palms face each other with 2-count on top - 8x
bottom, middle and extend forward 4x
reg full curls - 4x
arms face sides - 4x
reach side, bring in, up and down - 4x
curl sides - 4x
palms face each other - 2x
then pulses

at 13.30 Deltoids
full arm delt raises with pulse at top - 12x
frontals - 4x
palms face each other, open side close center 8x
scissors - 4x per side
militaries 8x
then halfway down -14x
quick stretch.

at 20min. Abs . lay on mat with feet up on chair
at 23.30min quick stretch

at 24min. sign appears: "For a shorter workout Stop now"

Lower Body workout begins..
Lower Body Stretches - 3min.
Outer thighs - weights are above knees. lay on side with legs at 45 degrees angle.
2-count lift - 12x
up and out - 8x
extend up and down 2-count 12x
extend and straighten - 4x
straight leg up and down 8x
2-count lift - 12x
quick stretch

at 7min other leg

at 11min. Inner thighs: lay on back, legs at right angle,
open to sides and close to middle. 18x
halfway down - 16x
feet together continue
alternate knees to chest with open and close.

at 14min. Hamstrings - on fours, rest stomach on step or chair for support.
bring leg straight static then extend and bend calf up and down. 12x
bring leg into chest and out - 8x
at 90 degree angle, lift and lower leg 6x
bring leg straight static then extend and bend calf up and down.
bring leg into chest and out
at 90 degree angle, lift and lower leg

at 18min. Gluteals - Bridgework

at 21min. Other leg Ham lifts.
quick stretch

at 25min. Quads - lay on back, legs extended halfway
lift and lower entire leg - 12x
lift and lower halfway 4x
rotate entire leg to face side then up 8x
lift and lower entire leg
lift and lower halfway
rotate entire leg to face side then up

at 27 min. other leg
quick stretches

at 30 min. Stretches - 3min.

Total Rating: Excellent workout for those who do not have too much use of foot or feet, all muscles are worked very thoroughly, and all muscles are given equal amounts of time and intensity. This tape flows and is extremely beneficial and excellent for maintaining or improving muscle strength.. She does NOT baby you here!! She advises those who cannot use weight to do the moves without the weights. I give this tape a rating of 9 1/2 out of 10 possible points... Another winner by Margaret IMO!

also ... this tape is great for those days when you want to exercise but don't "feel" up to it, or for lazy days... you will still get clobbered... especially if you do what I did and go for the heaviest possible weights...
(I used 15lbs db.s for biceps,. 12lb for pec flies and 7lb for Tri's, Delts and pecflies ... and I used 5lb ankle weights for all the lower body work.)


Instructor Comments:
Instruction: Margaret begins the intro telling you that she just had foot surgery...and that this is a low impact workout that can be done entirely either sitting or laying down



This 60-minute tape is designed for people who are unable to stand due to an injury or operation. Margaret did this tape to maintain muscle tone after foot surgery, so she does the workout in a cast shoe. The workout can be done as one 60-minute total body workout, or two 30-minute workouts (upper body and abs, lower body). The equipment required includes light dumbbells, mat, towel, ankle or thigh weights, and chair, bench, or tall box that you can sit on, kneel over, or prop your feet on.

I initially bought this workout because Iím a klutz and figured it might come in useful. About a week later, I tripped going down the steps and sprained my foot, so I got to try it out. I would rate the workout as intermediate to advanced, but beginners could do the tape if they use very light or no weights. I really liked this tape and thought it was a very innovative idea. When you injure your arms, you can at least do cardio. But trying to modify tapes to be done seated or lying down can be frustrating, as Iíve discovered in the past. I got a good sweat with this workout and I know Iím going to feel it tomorrow. Even if you are an advanced exerciser, though, donít pick up your heaviest dumbbells. She does a lot of reps with lots of variations, so you will fatigue even with lighter weights. I used 3 Ė 8 lb. dumbbells plus 5# and 8# ankle weights.

The workout is structured as follows:

Seated Warmup 3.5 minutes

Seated Upper Body Toning: 16.5 minutes total
1. Pectorals: pec flyes, a very long set with lots of variations, I used 5# dumbbells (TOUGH), 3 minutes
2. Triceps: lying French presses, another long set with many variations, I used 5# dumbbells to start and had to drop to 4#, 3.5 minutes total
3. Biceps: dumbbells curls and curl variations, another long set, I used 8# dumbbells, 4 minutes total
4. Delts: delt flyes and variations, overhead press; I used 4# and had to drop to 3# due to muscle failure, 3 minutes total
5. Back: upright rows, rhomboid pinches, and bent-over flyes, I used 8#, then dropped to 6# and finally 4# on the flyes, 3 minutes total

Abdominals: 4 minutes total, done with feet resting on the box, got a nice burn on these!

Final Stretch for Workout #1 or Warmup for Workout #2: 3.5 minutes

(Total of Upper Body Workout: 27.5 minutes)

Lying and Kneeling Lower Body Toning: 26 minutes total
1. Outer Thigh: leg lift variations, long set, 7 minutes total; I used 8# ankle weights, but Margaret uses thigh weights. This is really a tough set if you go heavy!
2. Inner Thigh: interesting variations of floorwork Iíd never seen before, 3.5 minutes total, I used 8# ankle weights again.
3. Hamstrings & Glutes: done while kneeling over box, VERY tough; I started with 8# and had to drop to my 5# ankle weights to maintain good form. Margaret does the right hamstrings first, then the glutes, then the left hamstrings. Total on Hamstrings was 3.5 minutes, total on glutes was 7 minutes. This will leave you whimpering for mercy if you go heavy.
4. Quads: lying quad leg lifts, I used a 5# ankle weight but could have gone heavier but was too lazy to change ankle weights again, 5 minutes total

Final Stretch: 3 minutes

(Total of Lower Body Workout: 32.5 minutes)

Total time for both workouts: 56.5 minutes

The only real complaint I have about the workout is that she didnít stretch after working every muscle group, so I stopped the tape and did my own stretches or supplemented the ones she did. Other than that, the workout is quite good. I know I will be adding the floorwork segments to other workouts even after I get better. The floorwork is as difficult as the floorwork in the Firm Classic series, but much longer and she does some interesting and tough variations. I also felt that the final stretch, which was done seated, focused more on the upper rather than the lower body which had just been worked, so I added my own stretches at the end.

I really liked this workout. Margaretís tapes arenít cheap (about $30 new from her website), but I know I will get my moneyís worth with this tape. Overall, Iíd give the tape an A. If you are klutz like me, this is a must-have for your video collection.

Instructor Comments:
Margaret Richard is very personable, somewhat chatty, but not annoyingly so. She gave good form pointers throughout the workout and she has great muscle tone for her age. I found her quite motivating to work out with.

Wendy Bailey