Get Real Fit: Basic and Advanced Strength Training

Lynn Hahn
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Setting: Studio with open windows to outdoors, wood flooring. (to see a clip, check out

Music: Techno instrumental

There are no warmups on either workout. I'd encourage participants to warmup on their own by doing some basic movements (side steps, marching in place, etc) to get the blood flowing and prevent injury.

Basic Strength Training:

Lynn begins with squats followed by chest press and flyes. Next you'll perform alternate lunges then move into back work. Lat rows in slow controlled fashion, working unilaterally one side then the other. Prone onto bench, you'll work reverse flyes for your upper back. Lynn then moves into tricep extensions (still in same position). A one legged calf raise follows. Next, using ankle weights wrapped around the feet, you'll sit on the bench and raise your toes to work your shins (very innovative move to work the opposing muscle of the calf). Upright rows, bicep curls, and side laterals work the shoulders/biceps. Lynn also works the smaller muscle group of the rotator cuff. Next, putting ankle weights on, you'll perform standing straight rear leg lifts to work the buttocks. Next, she'll do hamstring curls to work the opposing muscle. Standing side leg legs will work the outer thigh/saddlebag area. To work the inner thighs, she'll pull the working leg in and across the opposite leg. To work quads/hip flexors, she'll do knee lifts. Abdominal work follows. With ankles up on bench, legs wide, you'll place a weight on chest and perform crunches. (the weight increases intensity) Placing weight on shoulder, you'll twist across the body to work the obliques. To work lower abs, you'll place the ankle weight on lower abs and perform pelvic tilts/lifts. Back extensions follow. Lynn also performs neck strengthening work. (she suggests to skip this if you have any neck problems or experience any pain) A nice relaxing stretch completes the workout. (deep leg stretches using a strap are included) The basic workout is 38 minutes including final stretch.

Advanced Strength Training:

Different angles and full range of movement increase effectiveness. Lynn adds several new exercises and tweaks several from the basic workout. Here is a list of exercises she includes:

Squat with heel lifts, squats to the side, split stance double arm rows followed immediately by shrugs. Tricep extensions, forward lunges, rear lunges, seated & standing calf work, chest press and flys. Overhead lat pullovers lying on bench, shin lifts, one arm rows, rear flyes and tricep extensions lying on stomach on bench. Overhead presses, upright rows, bicep curls, side laterals, hammer curls and front raises. Overhead one arm tricep extensions, shoulder shrugs, rotator work with diagonal bicep curls (laying on your side on the bench) and bench dips. Concentration curls (working with the motion of the bicep muscle), wrist curls (this strengthens the forearms as well), lying prone leg lifts with ankle weights (working buttocks and hamstrings) side lying leg lifts work outer thighs (multiple sets & different variations) and inner thighs. Lynn also works hip flexors and quads. She concludes the toning with abdominals, lower back work and neck exercises. This one is approximately 44 minutes in length.

Innovative and unique, you are sure to obtain muscle development & enhance strength gains. The slower pace allows viewers to safely increase their weight selections.

Instructor Comments:
Lynn offers form pointers throughout each workout. She also has a chapter in each workout where she goes over safety tips to ensure proper form & safety. (plus increase effectiveness)

Denise Ruble