Flirty Girl Fitness Set

Kerry Knee, Krista Knee
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Set Up

I have a low ceiling so I didn't need to order extra parts to mount the pole. The website gives info on ceiling height requirements. It takes only 1 screw (in a ceiling stud) to mount the pole. You need a drill and 3/16th drill bit to properly insert the screw in the ceiling. It took me less than 10 minutes to complete the entire set up. At first I was a little disappointed that the top bracket was made of plastic, but the pole was absolutely sturdy when in place. It takes less than a minute to put up/take down the pole. The plastic bracket that stays in the ceiling is small. It has an optional hanger (for a plant basket etc) but who hangs a plant in the middle of the ceiling? Besides, if anyone asked me about the pole, they'd have a tough time shutting me up, true vidiot that I am. But for those who might be embarrassed if others discovered their secret, the mounting bracket is fairly discreet.

General Overview

The workouts are generally broken down and chaptered very well. The format is essentially a short tutorial (no music) of a dance segment, followed by a practice of that segment with music. Each segment is chaptered so you can review the steps multiple times if necessary. I think it's important to note that several of the discs are largely instructional. So you don't really get an uninterrupted workout until you can piece the moves together. They do this at the end of the disc, and also give you a music only track so that you can dance on your own. Some of the workouts are more flowing and they build your strength for the specific moves. All in all, I give the set a thumbs up. I'm more athletic than dancy and I think they break it down well enough to learn these moves. BTW, it took 2 weeks from order to delivery (standard option).

There are 2 instructors, sisters Krista and Kerry Knee. Kerry tends to shout more and talk about how sexy, "hot" and slim you will look. Fortunately, Krista leads most of the workouts (including all the pole routines). IMHO, there's nothing offensive enough about either instructor to affect my workout.

Breakdown of Basic workout set

Just Teasing and Chair Dance -instructional, run about 25min each, each followed by 3 minute total routine at normal speed/music at the end

Booty Beat - more of a flowing dance workout, learn the moves as you are moving, runs about 35min

Chair Fit (runs about 45 min, mostly strength training with weights) 3 rounds of plies with overhead presses alternating with tricep dips, 3 rounds of chest flyes (on floor or chair) and lat rows, 3 rounds of squats and lateral shoulder raise while in side plank (on chair), 3 rounds of leg abductions alternating with leg extensions/bicep curls, rounds of crunches on chair/floor with tricep presses. I like Chair Fit the best of this bunch, but then I'm not naturally inclined to choreography. Booty Beat seems particularly silly to me but I'm sure that will appeal to some folks.

Pole Workouts

These are my favorites. Pole Fit runs about 48min. It is essentially a circuit workout and alternates between strength and cardio moves. You use the pole to do squats,lunges,plies, 1 legged squats, a lot of arm work (including pull ups on the pole). This is interspersed with fast movement around the pole, using the arms for added intensity. This is all followed by a 10min floor work section which includes donkey kicks with variations, core strengthening using the pole, push ups, crunches and bridges using the pole. The final stretch is great- you can really get a deep stretch holding on to the pole. The beginner and intermediate pole discs run 30-35min each, followed by a 3 minute routine (ea) at the end. The pole work is fun and TOUGH. You can really feel the muscles in your back/core and arms. These workouts really work the core and many muscles that are neglected with traditional weight work. A great functional fitness routine--- think of it as playground time and the stereotypes about the pole don't get in the way.

Food for thought

I enjoyed this set of workouts but thought I would mention a few things that might play in someone else's decision to buy. If you have wrist issues, you might want to think hard about purchasing the pole workouts. The grip strength required to hold on to the pole is substantial, especially as you start to sweat and the pole gets slippery. I could feel my wrists getting stronger and I'm very careful to stretch my forearms/wrists after the workouts. But if I had painful wrists to start, I think these workouts might be too much. Also, the company doesn't make it very clear on the order page, but there is a weight limit for the pole. In the instructions, they say no one over 180 pounds should be on the pole.

You have to lift your body weight at times during the workouts and for the pole workouts especially, that ability is critical to mastering the fun moves. Not trying to discourage any one--this could be a nice challenge to work up to and there are plenty of included exercises to strengthen weak areas (like wrists). I like to hear as much as I can before I order a pricey set, so I thought I'd mention it.

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