Fit and Firm

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Fit and Firm with Leslie Sansone

Workout Type: Total Body Weightwork

Workout Length: Lower Body work - 20 min. + Upper Body work - 20min. + Standing Lower Body work then on fours more Lower Body for 33.30 min. + Abs 7min. = Total 60 min. 30sec

Fitness Level: Beginner, Interm, or Adv. ...since it is a weights workout you can up the weights and make it for any level ... beginners will not want to use weights.

Equipment: dumbells, mat (chair optional)

Set: couch potted plant, carpet, round painting that looks like a window with a view.

Attire: One piece red, black tights, black leggins!

Cast: Leslie - one on one!

Effectiveness: She is calm, poised, and cute. I used weights on everything I could, and got a good workout.

Presentation: This workout is broken down into 3 segments, which can be done on separate occasions, for 20min. each or combined for one hour.

Warm up: none!

The Workout:

Segment 1: Lower Body work ( I used my 5lb ankle weights... ouch!)
Lie on side, outer thigh work.
Straight leg lifts - 26x
bend leg back - 18x
bend knee to chest and extend - 24x
Straight leg lifts - 20x
bend leg back - 20x
bend knee to chest and extend - 16x

Inner thigh - straight leg lifts - 24x
pulses - 40x
straight lift - 8x

at 8 min. 2nd leg Outer thigh.

then Inner thigh

at 15min. on fours - hams
1st leg bent leg raise back - 30x
2nd leg - 32x
1st leg - 20x (here she puts a weight behind knee)
2nd leg - 26x

at 20 min. Segment 2: Upper Body - 2 ladies join Leslie
Leslie now wears pink wiht brown tights, one girl blue other green.
Pushups 8x rest then 8x then rest then 8x
sitting cross-legged - Military press - 11x then
2nd set she says 8 and does 6.
Lateral raise - 12x then 8x
at 24.30 min. - Concentration Curls.
1st arm 8x
half curl - 9x
full 8x
2nd arm 10x
half curl 12x
2 more sets, 7x then 4x
6 then 8.

Tricep kickbacks.
1st arm - 12x
then 11x with a twist
2nd arm 16x
then 18x with a twist.

military press - 8x
Lateral raise with bent arm - 12x
Bicep curls again.
at 33min. triceps kickbacks again.
at 34min. Abs.

at 40 min. Segment 3 Standing leg work then on fours.
squats with weights in hands
alternating lunges
squats 16x
alternating lunges

at 44min. on fours - Hamstrings.
rear leg lifts
extend lift straight back in 12x
other leg 12x
Lay on side - legs are L shaped:
straighten and bend - 12x
bent leg lift - 12x
straighten and bend - 8x
bent leg lift - 5x

at 48.50 min. Other leg

at 51 min. inner thighs

at 53.30 min. Abs 7 min.

END at 1.00h 30sec.

Total Rating: As you can see the tape tries to be a total body workout, but does not do all the muscles (back, butterflies, bent rows, etc. ) other than that the other drawback is that she begins to talk and totally looses track of reps, and does uneven amounts in uneven amounts of time. (at least Margaret keeps track of time and both sides get equal workouts even if she misses a rep or two. ) I don't usually compare one tape to another, but by commenting on another tape I can explain why the same flaw is greater in one tape than another.
For those who can keep track and don't mind, this tape does a substantial amount of floorwork.. and is tough!!
So I have to give it a 6 1/2 out of 10 possible points. If you don't care about reps etc. then it is much higher, an 8 out of 10.

Instructor Comments:
Instruction: She is a very charismatic instructor, very likeable. BUT She begins to do moves, gets carried away talking and doesn't pay attention to the workout sometimes. Her counts are way OFF sometimes. so you might want to keep track on your own.