Firm Up Fast

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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I liked the video Firm Off Weight, so I got this one. I like this video less, because it isn't as hard as Firm Off Weight. It is still a great beginner video. The video starts out with some encouragement from Leslie saying that most people who need to lose weight, have an exercise problem, rather than a food problem. Then shows a few people who have lost weight from her Walkaerobics. Then into the warmup. First is upper body work with shoulders, biceps, and triceps. Only one exercise per body part, and one set of reps. There are enough reps that I felt it on the last 5. I used an exertube, with resistance that has been tested to equal between 7 to 8 pounds, and I really felt it. There is an exerciser using an exertube, another with weights (along with Leslie), and 2 using nothing. There are some lunges and squats, and I felt my buns the next day from those! Then there is chest work, 2 short sets of pushups, with an alternative chest press on the floor. The segment breaks so you can stop it if you wanted to only do the video in sections.

The floor work is next. Not as hard as her outer thigh lifts in Firm Off Weight, or Walking Fat Burner workout, but still good. I used a dyna band tied in a circle for these, to increase the intensity. Then inner thigh work.

The abs were good for a beginner, but not very hard. Not bad. Obliques and lower abdominals were included, then onto a stretch. I felt the stretch should have included a quad stretch, but it didn't. No calf stretch either. Other than that, a pretty good beginner video. The form for the exercises is better than Firm Off Weight, but I would recommend this one for someone who wants a little more, than Firm Up Fast.

Instructor Comments:
Leslie looks great, after having a baby 7 weeks ago, in this video. She gives excellent instruction to basic exercises, that I've been doing for years. I somehow felt them better, than I have for a while, by listening to her.