iSculpt Ballet, Set 6

Grace Lazenby
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Ballet/Barre
- Audio Workout

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iBallet 6 (48 minutes) ♥♥

Barre work (19:15)
▪ Plié 1st position with tempo variations (No need to use the barre for this one)
▪ Small plié feet parallel in relevé with ball between knees / Press knees on ball
▪ Quad stretch
▪ Plié 2nd position / in relevé
▪ Jumps in 1st position / 2nd position
▪ Brushes and circle: Small battement front, back, front, rond de jambe on floor / Plié 1st position
▪ Lift leg front in turnout and small presses
▪ Attitude in the air (leaning 90º over barre) / small presses

Core work (14:11)
▪ Standing ball twists
▪ Kneeling ball twists
▪ Ball lifts / Rollover and teaser with ball between the ankles
▪ Oblique lifts (lying on side with ball between ankles: lift legs) / Mermaid stretch

Floor work (10:19)
▪ Pelvic tucks with feet on floor and ball between knees / variations in feet placement (parallel/heels up, 1st position/heels up), accent (squeeze up, pull down, press knees on ball, hold isometric), and tempo.
▪ Pelvic tucks with feet and knees together, heels up (small presses)

Stretch (3:45)
▪ Hamstring stretch on wall
▪ Happy baby

This is a fun and challenging workout. The standing work is thorough, including dynamic moves and more isometric work. The core work includes unique moves (ball twists) and I like how different moves are combined together into a little “circuit”. The floor work is tough but everything is done with the heels up and I prefer different positions.

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