The Firm: Express Total Body Shaping (BSS3)

Pam Meriwether
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Pam Cauthen Meriwether (Lead)
Lisa Kay
Christa Riley
Stephanie Huckabee
Libby Heath (low impact)

Total workout time is 32:26 min.
DVD version - Not chaptered
Deep Purple attire, lavender tops
Standing on round, raised, pedestals (i.e., small footprint for us to work in)
darkish set which is similar to that used in the BSS3 series
Equipment: sculpting stick, and no ramp or step/FL/box/TF whatsoever

Workout begins at the 1:48 mark
Warm up 5:12 minutes (no stick)
Low impact, moving arms, stretching incorporated into warm up; big arm movements

1st segment, about 10 minutes, is done standing, working primarily the lower body, with some shoulder and back work:
After the warm up, they pick up the Sculpting stick, & perform the following moves:
1-legged squats
cross-legged 1 leg squats (more intense)
single leg lifts
leg shifting squats
calf raises
single leg calf raises
dead lifts using stick for resistance
frontal lifts to work the shoulders
static lunges using stick to balance
rhomboid pinches

2nd segment begins at the 15:46 mark, starts out unweighted:
consists of squats, light cardio, no weights, light plyos

16:58 pick up stick, do static lunges, plies
18:50 light cardio
20:00 take off twigs 4 limb: biceps, triceps, and some combo moves (lift arm and do knee-up, switch sides)
22:09 reassemble stick to use stick for balancing and working each leg:
side kicks holding stick to balance; standing inner thigh lifts; repeat on other side

25:20 standing oblique work using stick for resistance; intensify by using long lever above head to continue to work obliques

end of stick use

27:35 planks w/out stick
single leg planks, elongating (extend leg to intensify)
tricep push-ups with elbows going out to sides
pigeon pose to stretch each leg
bend back leg to stretch thigh of back leg
pyramid stretch by staggering legs
pike position, then into down dog
repeat other side
stretching arms by pressing palm; shoulder stretch
total 32:26

i was surprised that this video had not yet been reviewed. i am in a Firm renaissance at the moment, trying the BSS3 series for the first time. i'm a big Pam fan, so when i saw this at Yaya's, i had to get it. this was an add-on and not part of the original kit. i don't own the sculpting stick, but used a 12# weighted bar. for the twig work, i used 5# dumbbells.

this workout kind of reminds me of a more flowing and graceful BodyBar workout. it's easy to follow. although there isn't a need for low impact modifications, the modifier (Libby) is not viewable in the range of the camera. you see Pam in the middle and two people on the left and right (christa and steph) on their raised pedestals, but neither of these people are Libby. once in a while, the camera focuses on Libby only showing the modifications that she's doing.

i liked this workout - it flows and has a handful of creative moves using the stick.

amazon sellers seems to carry this workout on DVD. i don't see it on the collage website.

Instructor Comments:
clear, precise, cues ahead, encouraging, good form, interesting moves that are fluid