The Firm: Body Sculpting System (BSS1)

Lisa Kay, Allie Del Rio, Jen Carman
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This system comes with a square shaped step called the Fanny Lifter (FL). It also comes with 3 dvds: Ab Sculpt (Lisa Kay), Cardio Sculpt (Allie Del Rio), and Body Sculpt (Jen Carmen).

The FL It has 2 pieces that stack together to make a 14 inch box. The bottom is 8 inches and the top is 6 inches. You can use the 6 or 8 inch sections for step aerobics (and dips & lunges) and the fully assembled FL at 14 inches to do the Firm's "signature move" the leg press-where you step up and down onto the step with dumbbells on your shoulders. This was the first set put out after the Firm was sold by its original creators to GoodTimes.

Body Sculpt is a 50 min total body strength workout. Jen does lower body and then moves on to upper body so this w/o can easily be split up into 2 workouts. this is a tough workout! It doesnt have any cardio or abs but the Lower Body work will get your heartrate up.

Cardio Sculpt (60+min) has cardio but still contains a lot of strength work-too much to be used as a cardio workout. This is a great AWT w/o. Doesnt include abs.

Ab Sculpt is a 20+ minute ab workout. This is a good ab workout. I ususally break it up and part of it after another workout.

Instructor Comments:
They are all good leads and do very well at cueing in their respective dvds.



This set contains three videos, an adjustable "Fanny Lifter" step, a 30 Day Rotation calandar and the FIRM's "Secrets to Success" booklet. Requires two to three sets of dumbbells.

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  • Ab Sculpt
  • Body Sculpt
  • Cardio Sculpt
  • I love the 3 video set. I get bored with the gym and walking. I have to do something that keeps my attention. These definitely do! I like the exercises and music. You are always moving and working different parts of your body. The instructors are inspiring because they are normal people, (moms, housewives, professionals, etc) like you & me. Very encouraging!

    Instructor Comments:
    She encourages you , and tells you to stay with her, just like in a live class. She also tells you what not to do (like bad form) I didn't even realize I was doing the exercise wrong, until she pointed it out. Easy to follow