Fat Free Upper/Lower Body Reduction

Tony Little
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This video, which includes two tapes, is Little's most popular workout. It concentrates on strengthening and toning the body while putting no strain on the joints, neck and back. The first tape is dedicated to the upper body, while the second concentrates on the lower body.

Little spends alot of time on teaching technique before he gets into the warm-up and the workout, and believe me you will be glad he does. I never realized how important technique is until I tried these tapes. The workout includes very little (no pun intended) use of weights - maybe 5 or 10 lbs dumbells. But, do not let this fool you, this is a very tough workout. Little leaves no muscle unturned and un-exercised!

The great thing about these videos is that you workout in a matter of time - not repetitions. Beginners stop each exercise at 30 seconds, intermediates at 60 seconds, and advanced at 90-120 seconds. You go at your own pace instead of trying to keep up! This may not seem that much time per exercise . . . until you begin. In two weeks, I noticed that my muscles were alot firmer, and if you keep up you cardio on the other days, you will look tops!

Instructor Comments:
Tony Little may be a bit goofy, but as personal fitness instructor he is a natural. Little imbues humor and motivation into his notoriously tough workouts.

Seth Tipton