Fat Burning Workout

Joyce Vedral
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This is probably the least favorite in my (embarassingly vast) collection. If you're looking for a balanced workout, you won't find it here.

She miscounts repetitions more than once and, at one point, skips doing reps on the opposite side entirely! Also, though it may be "fat-burning," but the implication that you'll get a cardio benefit is misleading. Even at my worst of times, I have never been able to raise my heart rate sufficiently for more than a few seconds.

Joyce also doesn't give enough information about proper form.

The oddest part is where she suddenly feels compelled to tell you not to take if personally "if I'm not smiling at you."

If you must use this workout, you're better off with the book.

Instructor Comments:
Joyce's 50+ year-old body is motivating to those of us who thought fitness was only for 20-somethings. There are two other women working out with her, but they don't all appear to be in sync at times, or even as if they've met before now.

Kathy Bright