Fast Forward Reshape Your Body After Pregnancy, Weight Gain, Sticking Points and

Joyce Vedral
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Points and Neglect! Workout 3 & Extra Abs Points and Neglect! Workout 3 & Extra Abs

This is a 44 minute video that workouts your Thighs, Triceps, Biceps and Extra Abdominal Workout in Giant Sets. Fast Forward Reshape Your Body is a 2 part tape series. This is the Second tape. It starts off with Joyce Vedral talking about her daughter Marthe who gained 55 pounds with her pregnancy and had a C section. She shows before and after pictures of her daughter. With this workout, she lost all the weight and got in great shape. She only did this workout too and no aerobics. You will need 3 different size dumbbells and a weight bench or you can use your step. The workout does Giant sets in between bodyparts. So you do 3 different exercises using your light, medium and heavy weights. With the light weights, you do 12 reps. With medium, you do 10 reps and with your heaviest, you do 8 reps. So as the weight goes up, the reps go down so you can cope with it and not feel exhausted. You repeat the Giant set 3 times so it's a great weight workout. You get a 15 second rest in between Giant sets. So you don't get fatigued but you do work up a sweat and that makes it kind of aerobic. The set is the CIA set so it's a good production and the music is Dynamix instrumental tapes. You can put on your own music and do the workout because Joyce doesn't do the reps to the music.

There is no warm-up but just minimal stretches such as Front and back stretches, side stretches, torso twist and triceps stretch.

With workout 3 and Extra abs you will do 7 Giant sets. It works your Thighs, Biceps,Triceps and then at the end of the workout you do Supersets for your abs.

Giant set 1

1) Lying inner thigh frog lift(for your inner thighs)
2)Tricep kickbacs
3)Biceps curl

Giant set 2

1)Straddle squat
2)One arm triceps overhead extension
3)Alternating hammer curls

Giant set 3

1)Floor leg curl(I do deadlifts with dumbbells)
2)Lying crossface triceps extension
3)Standing alternating biceps curl

Giant set 4

2)Close bench triceps press
3)Concentration curl

Giant set 5

1)Chair position firmer (15 isometric wall squats)
2)Seated overhead triceps press
3)Reverse biceps curl

Giant set 6

1)Front squat
2)Lying Triceps extension
3)Lying biceps curl

Giant set 7

1)Bent Knee deadlift
2)one arm kick back
3)Lying alternate hammer curls.

The Xtra Abs at the end are tough. You are doing 1 Giant superset of 5 different ab exercises. It's 225 reps for the abs!!! You repeat the Giant set 3 times.

Xtra Abs workout:

1)Bent Knee lift
2)Knee Raise Crunch
3)Ceiling reach Crunch
4)Regular Crunch
5)Toe Reach Crunch

So you see you are getting alot of reps. You repeat each Giant set 3 times. So for example on the Giant set 7, you would do 12 reps of the Bent Knee Deadlifts with your lightest weight, 12 reps for the one arm kickbacks and 12 reps for the Lying alternate hammer curls. Then back to the Bent Knee deadlift but you use your medium weight for 10 reps and 10 reps for the kickback and 10 reps for the alternate hammer curls. Then you do the last set but you do 8 reps. So you are getting a very very thorough gym-styled weight workout. In between each Giant sets, you get a 15 second break. Joyce and her daughter use 1,2 and 5 pound dumbbells but she says in real life she uses 10. 15 and 20 lb dumbbells. She goes pretty fast on the reps since she is using lighter weights. I like this workout because it is thorough and it's what Joyce does. So you know it works. Once the weights get easy, you must get heavier weights. Marthe, Joyce's daughter looks so great too and she did this workout.

Instructors comments: Joyce doesn't give much instruction. She will say"All the way up and all the way down" and stuff like that. Or "Don't hold your breath". You will have to get Joyce's books to get more info on form. But all you have to do is follow Joyce and her daughter on this workout. She also says funny stuff like, "Lord have mercy!" or " Do I hear any groaning out there?" or "No more flab wavers!". She is also very caring and wants to know how you are doing. She wants you to keep in touch with her and email her. She WILL email you back!! Just looking at Joyce makes you inspired. This woman is 57 and looks awesome! Anyone who poses in a bikini for the cover of there video must have lot's of self esteem!!

Mandy Lee


I have mixed feelings about this set. I'll start with the good points. Number one is that Joyce has company: her daughter Marthe, who joins the workout and also counts for her. Joyce seems to go slower when she has someone else counting, and while this is faster than Bottoms Up, it is slower than definition. Joyce also works each body part pretty thoroughly. I think that is part of the problem though. Does the back really need as many sets as the thighs? I also like the way she sneaks in the ab work during each set. It means slackers like me can't skip it.

I think my main complaint is with the structure. It is a 3-day rotation. That means that unless you do 2 sections a day (for an hour) you have to do half an hour of Joyce a day. And therefore in order to get in two full-body workouts, you need to do this twice, or 6 days a week. Not a great way to get a lot of variety in your routine! There is also the usual scant attention paid to warm-up and cool-downs, or stretches. I guess Joyce means for us to do this on our own, but she never specifies. I think you'll definitely find this easier if you are familiar with Joyce's books or other tapes, but it is more accessible than her other tapes if you are not. There isn't anything wrong with this series, I guess. I just find it hard to fit in a three-day rotation.