Fast Forward Reshape Your Body After Pregnancy, Weight Gain, Sticking Points and

Joyce Vedral
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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I won't break this down, as Mandy already did such a great job.

I just wanted to add that this is the workout I've been looking for. I only have about 30-40 minutes a day (total) to workout (if that), due to having 2 young kids, and a full time job. I can't be bothered messing around with lots of equipment either, because lately, I've started working out in the same room as where my daughters are playing with their dad.

I also wanted a workout I could easily transpose to the gym on weekdays, so I can do it before pick-up or after drop-off (daycare).

This is that workout. And I feel very strongly that I will get the results. You do SO MANY sets per body part, and you hit them at all different angles.

Since doing the fast forward workout for the last 3 wks, my arms have developed definition. That's amazing, as I tend to have skin 'pole' arms.

I recommend her heartily to anyone looking to weight train.


Instructor Comments:
Joyce comes across as very caring, honest. She claims that she does her own workouts to get results. And with Joyce, I believe her when she says that.

She has her own website and forum, and responds to email.



Overall, I liked all three cycles. I thought they were decent workouts and I'm hoping they'll pay off for me like they did for Marthe. I do have two complaints though. First, I don't have a bench to lie on, and you really need one or else you'll be getting up and down a lot. Second, they move pretty fast, and I had a hard time keeping up with them because they switch weights so often.

Instructor Comments:
This is actually the first tape of Joyce's that I've had. She's a little eccentric I think, but I like her style. Plus, she looks great for almost 60!



I have mixed feelings about this set. I'll start with the good points. Number one is that Joyce has company: her daughter Marthe, who joins the workout and also counts for her. Joyce seems to go slower when she has someone else counting, and while this is faster than Bottoms Up, it is slower than definition. Joyce also works each body part pretty thoroughly. I think that is part of the problem though. Does the back really need as many sets as the thighs? I also like the way she sneaks in the ab work during each set. It means slackers like me can't skip it.

I think my main complaint is with the structure. It is a 3-day rotation. That means that unless you do 2 sections a day (for an hour) you have to do half an hour of Joyce a day. And therefore in order to get in two full-body workouts, you need to do this twice, or 6 days a week. Not a great way to get a lot of variety in your routine! There is also the usual scant attention paid to warm-up and cool-downs, or stretches. I guess Joyce means for us to do this on our own, but she never specifies. I think you'll definitely find this easier if you are familiar with Joyce's books or other tapes, but it is more accessible than her other tapes if you are not. There isn't anything wrong with this series, I guess. I just find it hard to fit in a three-day rotation.



Points and Neglect! Workout 1 and 2 Points and Neglect! Workout 1 and 2

This 61 minute video that has 2 workouts on it. It works your back,chest and abs in workout 1 and then with workout 2, you work your Hip/butt, shoulders and calves. It starts off with Joyce Vedral talking about her daughter Marthe who gained 55 pounds with her pregnancy and had a C section. She shows before and after pictures of her daughter. With this workout, she lost all the weight and got in great shape. She only did this workout too and no aerobics. You will need 3 different size dumbbells and a weight bench or you can use your step. The workout does Giant sets in between bodyparts. So you do 3 different exercises using your light, medium and heavy weights. With the light weights, you do 12 reps. With medium, you do 10 reps and with your heaviest, you do 8 reps. So as the weight goes up, the reps go down so you can cope with it. You repeat the Giant set 3 times so it's a great weight workout. You get a 15 second rest in between Giant sets. So you don't get fatigued but you do work up a sweat and that makes it kind of aerobic. The set is the CIA set so it's a good production and the music is low but what I heard, it's Dynamix instrumental tapes. You can put on your own music and do the workout because Joyce doesn't do the reps to the music.

There is no warm-up but just minimal stretches.

Workout 1 has 6 Giant Sets doing back, chest and Abdominal. This is what you will be doing in the 1st Giant set :

1) Upright Rows
2) Chest Press
3)Oblique oblique twists

You will do 12 reps of Upright Rows,12 reps of Chest Flies and then go down on the floor and do 30 oblique twists(15 per oblique). Then back doing 10 reps Upright Rows, 10 reps Chest Flies with your medium weight and 30 more oblique work. Then back doing 8 reps Upright rows, 8 reps chest flies with your heaviest weight and then 30 more oblique twists. This is just ONE of the 6 Giant sets. So you get alot of reps. Joyce doesn't mess around with an easy workout because she gives you the workout she does and at the age of 57, she is in awesome shape! This is the rest of the Giant set in Workout 1

Giant set 2:

1) Double Arm Row
2) Chest Fly
3) Double knee raise abs

Giant Set 3

1) One arm row
2) Crossbencch Pullover
3) Vaccum ab workout (Suck in your abs)

Giant Set 4

1) Seated Back Lateral
2) Decline Chest Fly
3) Ceiling Oblique Reach

Giant Set 5

1) Double Arm Row
2) Chest Fly
3) Knee in abs

Giant set 6

1) Bent Knee Crunch or sit up
2) Incline Press
3) Clamshell Crunch

Workout 2 is Hip, Butt and Shoulders and Calves. On all the floor leg work, you do 15 reps because Joyce does not use ankleweights. There are 6 Giant sets in workout 2: So for the first Giant set, you do 15 Lying Lower Butt Side Kick for each leg then get up and do alternating Front Lateral Raises(12 reps for each arm with your lightest weight). Then sit down and do 12 reps of Seated Angle out calf raises. Then back down and do 15 Lying Lower Butt side kicks for each leg, 10 reps Lateral Raises with your medium weight and 10 reps for your calves. Then back down with 15 reps for each leg and then back up for the last 8 reps for your lateral raises and calves. Lot's of reps!!

Giant set 1

1)Lying Lower Butt side kick
2)Front lateral Raise
3)Seated Angle out Calf Raise

Giant set 2

1)Side floor leg lift(Joyce calls it the Saddlebag stripper)
2) Alternating Front Lateral Raise
3)Seated Angled out calf raise

Giant Set 3

1)Lying Butt lift
2)Overhead Lateral Press
3)Seated angled in calf raise

Giant Set 4

1)Lying Butt Crunch
2)Bent Lateral
3)Standing Straight toe calf raise

Giant Set 5

1) Floor Feathered kickup (Table work)
2)Alternating Overhead press
3)Standing angled out calf raises

Giant set 6

1)Seated scissors
2)Reverse overhead press
3)standing angled in calf raise

Comments about instructor: Joyce doesn't give much form tips. You've got to get her books for more information about that. She mainly says," Flexing on the up movement and feeling the stretch on the down movement". She also makes funny comments like,"Tell your butt to rise and look sexy". Joyce is motivating and smiling all throughout the workout. She even cracks up with her daughter some of the time. Joyce promises to email you if you have any questions. From 1st hand experience, she really does get right back to you! She works out in black bike shorts with a blue tank and her daughter is wearing the same. Marthe, her daughter, does the counting in the workout. This is a no-nonsense workout that gets right to the nitty-gritty problem areas. It will build great muscles for you.

Mandy Lee