Extreme Makeover Fitness, Weight Loss Workout for Beginners

Robert Reames
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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First of all, the name of this video is misleading. I am a intermediate/low advanced exerciser and got quite a workout with this dvd. I think it would be much too hard to start out with for a true beginner. I think it would have scared me away when I first started exercising, LOL. That said, I really enjoyed this workout. It is taught by Robert Reames and one participant from the TV show Extreme Makeover for each segment. The set is overlooking the water in Hawaii. One exerciser works with Robert on upper body cardio, upper body toning, and upper body cool-down. One works on lower body cardio, lower body toning and lower body cooldown. The last participant does abs cardio, abs toning and abs cooldown. The dvd is set up with a weekly workout for each day of the week, (each one lasting between 35-48 minutes) using different segments with the 3 participants. Or you can choose 3 time crunch workouts (one focusing on the upper body, one on lower body, and one on abs) that clock in at 25 minutes each. You also have the option of customizing your workout into any combination or length your heart desires.
The cardio in this workout is very basic, but effective. It is more athletic in style and not dancy at all. (Kick-boxing, jumping jacks, squats, etc.) The toning segments are done using dumbells. They use 3 & 5 pound weights in the workout, but Robert tells you to use heavier weights as you advance. I used heavier weights. There is also an option on the dvd that you can turn on or off with fun facts popping up as you exercise (kind of like the "For Dummies" series of workouts). There are also a few extras like celebrity style tips, and previews of the Extreme makeover shows. All in all, a pretty loaded dvd for the price.

Instructor Comments:
Very encouraging. Easy to follow.

Terri P