Exercise 4 Everybody Circuit Training Vol. 2

Barry Lovelace
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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I just got to do this workout recently (although it's been in my non-opened fitness DVD pile for months, just too many workouts to do!). I got this as a freebie from Barry Love with a request that I post both positive and negative reviews about the workout. This workout is filmed at the Farm Sanctuary in NY and it's a pleasant setting since I like outdoor workouts. He works out with Shelly on a patio overlooking a green pasture and farm houses.The ab workouts are filmed in his FitQuest gym in PA. I can hardly hear the music which just fine with me because I would rather play my own music (that's what I like about the Beachbody/Tony Horton workouts). Since others have already provided detailed review of the exercises, I'll just include additional comments.

This circuit training workout is around 27 minutes and uses both the stability ball and dumbbells. There is a separate chapter for warm up which is around is 4 1/2 minutes and uses functional fitness type of moves using the medicine ball. The cooldown/stretch is 3 minutes. The ab workouts are 18 minutes total. There are 15 second breaks between segments. The entire workout is no-nonsense, basic, athletic, and solid intermediate to high intermediate. If you like Tom Holland and Tony Horton circuit training workouts then you will like this (although I do miss Tony's personality!). Barry is a serious instructor with very good cueing. He is not chatty at all but gives form pointers all throughout the workout. There is an onscreen counter to keep track of the reps. I like the fitness and nutrition tips provided during the 15 second breaks.

I really like the ab workouts but it is not chaptered. There are 3 segments and it would have been nice if these segments were chaptered. The first two segments is 6 minutes each and uses the stability ball. The third segment is only 4 minutes and uses the mat. I would consider the ab workouts to be intermediate to high intermediate as well..

Personally, I think this circuit training workout focuses more on upper body training rather than lower body. There are very few lower body workouts. I could only think of the squat and press with dumbbells and wide plie squat with dumbbell as the lower body workouts in the entire total body circuit training. I also think that the one minute cardio intervals are very short. The one minute cardio is running/jogging in place (or you can do jumping rope or jumping jacks for a change). I would have preferred longer 3-5 minute cardio intervals.

I plan to do this workout with at least 30 minute cardio and alternate this with a lower body workout on certain days.

In the end, I really like this workout and so I'm keeping it. I think this is Barry's second attempt to do a fitness DVD and it's good. I give it a B.

Instructor Comments:
Serious and no-nonsense. Gives very good form pointers.

A.R. Palacio


I was one of the 10 VFers who received this video free through a giveaway program Barry arranged through WWWendy. I received the video free on the condition that I submit a review, negative or positive, here at VF. I received no pressure to do a positive review. In fact, I've taken forever to post this review and heard nothing from Barry about keeping up my end of the bargain. Now that I've done the video twice, I'm ready to post my review.

I liked this workout quite a bit. It starts with a warmup with the medicine ball and for the main workout uses basic strength moves in a circuit that is repeated three times. Each circuit consists of biceps, shoulders, chest, triceps, running in place, squat press and weighted plie squats. A countdown of reps appears in the bottom right of the screen. There is a separate abs workout with a circuit of abs on the ball and abs on the floor, each of which is repeated three times.

There is a form pointers section on the DVD in shich Shelly, bhe background exerciser, demonstrates the form. She does a great bridge on the board, when she does the chest and triceps exercises. She doesn't move a millimeter. She does, however, appear to lock out her joints a bit, but maybe out of enthusiasm.

I'd classify this workout as a basic, non-choreographed endurance strength workout. I thought the number of reps and the balance between straight count lifts and staggered lifts were just enough to challenge without being overkill. I wish Barry had allowed more time to change weights between muscle groups (particulary between chest and triceps), but using the pause button won't be so bad.

Unlike some of the other reviewers, I don't wish there was more cardio in the workout. I think of the 1 minute of running in place in each circuit as a bonus that helped my heartrate to stay up during the squat pressed and plie squats. Any more cardio probably would have been boring, given the lack of choreography.

Just a note of warning that there is no background music during any portion of the workout (pointers, main workout or abs). I wasn't bothered by it, because I felt it went well with the outdoor farm setting during the main workout. I suppose there could have been music during the abs portion, but I'm willing to overlook that.

Another note on the abs portion, it is long as other reviewers have pointed out, but you don't have to do all 6 circuits. You can skip around and do as few as you want.

Overall, I think this is a nice DVD for when you need a basic, effective, meat and potatoes strength for endurance workout.

Instructor Comments:
Barry has a very natural style. He is encouraging and gives good form pointers. He doesn't do a lot of joking and seems a bit uncomfortable at times, but the overall effect is pleasant. It's as if your own personal trainer or local gym owner recorded a workout for you.

Janile Hill


The circuit training will kick your butt. I'm not in the most perfect shape BUT I do workout 3-4 times a week, doing lifting, steps, spinning, yoga, etc, and this DVD made my muscles ache!!!

The exercises are easy to do and Barry uses the exercise ball, and a set of dumb bells.

Iím really impressed with the whole concept of the tape. It's filmed in the Farm Sanctuary in NY. It's beautiful scenery. Iím a fan of outdoors workouts, so this workout was very inspiring and original.

The DVD doesn't have music but you really don't need it as you can hear birds singing in the background!

I really like the tips at the end of every segment, such as what kind of snacks are good, how much water we should drink in a daily basis, how the body follows the mind, etc. All tips are very unique!!

In Sum, I love the DVD, Thank you so much Barry for creating such as an exciting and time saving workout!!!

Instructor Comments:
Barry is an excellent trainer and coach. Throughout the tape he motivates you without being annoying. He constantly reminds you of the right form when exercising.

Carla Kline


Ok....I kind of don't know where to start as I'm still a bit disappointed in this dvd. The workout is a circuit, about half an hour long. I think it was less. It's VERY basic....He starts off with a long speech but his personality was very stiff on the camera.

He starts with a warm-up using a medicine ball but the warm-up is very short and repetitive. He only used two different moves for the warm-up.

He starts with a first segement doing bicep curls on the stability ball. Then moves on to triceps on the ball, then shoulders while doing squats at the same time, then chest. He jogs in place for 30 seconds (that's the only cardio in his whole workout)

Segement 2 is the same as the first one. Jogs in place for 30 seconds again.

Segement 3 is the same as the other two. Jogs in place for 30 seconds again.

Cooldown is short, too. Overall, I think this workout would be GREAT for beginners or intermediate exercisers. For advanced exercisers, this is not for us AT ALL. It's very repetitive, no personality, I don't feel I got a good workout from this video. Barry also told me the series two had more cardio and the workout is more challenging than series one. I myself do not find it challenging or interesting at all. Like I said above, it would be a GREAT workout for beginners and intermediates. For the advanced who knows more, I'd skip this one.

But his form is very good. In the beginning, he had a woman showing forms, etc. That's a PLUS for me.

Instructor Comments:
Personalitywise- too stiff for my taste. He's not relaxed and enjoying himself.

Has a great form but seems to be uncreative.



Disclaimer: I received this DVD for free from the instructor.

I got Series 1 because it was only 30 minutes and right now that is a great length for me.

Setting: outdoors, poolside.
I love outdoor workouts.

I thought the production was very good. Better than I had expected.

DVD comes in a jewel case.

No music, but I didn't miss it. I liked the sounds of nature.

Barry is working out with Shelly. She shows the beginner modifications. Barry shows the more advanced version.

Break-Down of Workout:

Warm-Up (4 mins.) - Squat/curl/press with medicine ball; lunge & reach w/ med. ball.

Fitness Tip


~Bicep Curls
~Shoulder Presses
~Tricep Kickbacks

Cardio (1 minute)

~Stationary Lunges
~Chest Press
~Side Lateral Raise
~Front Raise with Squats

Circuit is repeated two more times.

Cool-down:(1 minute) - Stretches

Barry uses a stability ball for a couple of exercises. It is optional, but I like using my ball.

I have done this workout twice since I received it. Overall, I really like it. I like Barry. I like the length of the workout. I feel that it covers all the major muscle groups. I'm interested in Series 2, because I would like an even more thorough workout for times when I can workout longer.

The only things that I found that I would have changed is add ab work (some of the exercises engaged the core, so I thought that might be why they were missing) and a longer, more thorough stretch. I know that the stretch was probably shortened due to time constraints.

I also liked that there wasn't alot of compound moves.

Nice addition to my collection. I plan on using it often.

Barry's site is: www.wegetufit.com

Instructor Comments:
I liked him. Very professional. Great tips and form pointers. Reminded me of a very mild Tony Little, which is a good thing.



Disclaimer: I recieved this DVD for free.

A solid, major muscle group workout that starts with a good warmup using a medicine ball. I liked this.

Overall this is an ejoyable workout. Barry and Shelly use fairly low weights and they are used consitantly throughout. So this definitley has a muscle endurance feel but I think you could take out the pulses if you wanted (your choice) and use heavier weights.

I personally wished that there was music in the background but I got use to the sounds of nature eventually.

I would have also preferred more cardio. I too would not count the cardio in the workout toward my weekly cardio count. I think that the next time I do this, I'll stop the dvd and do 5 minutes of cardio each time. I would have liked if the ab workout would have started immediately following the cicuit workout but that is no biggie. The ab workout is a good one, done on the ball.

I love the nutrition/lifestyle tips that are interspersed throughout. Very innovative IMHO.

Instructor Comments:
Friendly and down to earth.

Lori M


NOTE: I received a free copy of this DVD from the instructor.

This is a thorough, fast paced high-rep circuit routine that packs a lot in a short time. There is a 20 min. ab workout included aa well. The structure & exercises in the workout have already been broken down in detail so I will just add some of my thougths.


-the med ball warm-up...I actually wish it was longer, because I liked the way these moves felt. I do think that Barry could create a very good med ball exclusive workout!

-It's great to have a separate chapter for form pointers. It gets a bit redundant when you hear the same "form speeches" every time you work out.

-I prefer full body, no frills, down & dirty strength training routines and this definitely fits the bill. Straight-forward exercises & very little "down time".

-I prefer the repetition of exercises in each circuit of this routine as oppsed to routines such as Sculpt 5-6, which is a circuit workout that uses all different exercises per body part. By repeating the same exercises in each circuit I felt it more in my muscles.

-the long abs section! What can I say? I love ab work...More is better. :-)

-I thought the lack of music would bother me but I actually enjoyed the birds chirping & the sounds of nature in the background. I found it soothing & calming. The scenery is very pleasant too.

-I appreciate that this workout doesn't have the "fluff & glam" that many workout DVD's have.

-the tips displayed between scenes throughout the workout. Great feature!

-It is easy to follow, and since there is a thorough intro section with form pointers I think this could be a good routine for all fitness levels. A beginner could choose to do just 1 or 2 circuits rather than the whole routine. An experienced exerciser could heavy up on the wieghts a bit to make it more advacned.


-I agree that it would be nice if the ab workout automatically started at the end of the circuit workout.

-It would have liked more cardio. I felt that amount included here probably isn't enough to benefit most active participants, and didn't feel it was enough to count toward my cardio workouts in my rotations.

-I know the fact that there is no music will bother some people, but as I mentioned, I kind of liked it!

Instructor Comments:
I can see the similarities in Barry's & Tom Holland's training style. I find Barry's personality to be more natural, down-to- earth & non-intimidating. Very knowledgable & executes good form.



Sandy, in her awesome review, already gave great detail, so I'll just add my general impressions. Disclaimer: I received this DVD free as a preview copy.

I immediately thought of Tom Holland when I previewed this DVD. There isn't a lot of glitz or sparkle to this workout like The FIRM or even Cathe, but it is a solid circuit routine of proven gym-style exercises. I would have liked to have seen a little more time between some of the exercises to change weights since I don't use the same weight for all of my body parts. My only other slight negative would be that I would have preferred a shorter core workout and longer cardio and end stretch since 20 minutes is rather long for core if you plan to use all the segments for a complete total-body workout.

On the plus side, I love the warm-up. It uses the medicine ball so you also get good functional-fitness type standing core work at the same time.

Instructor Comments:
A serious, no-nonsense instructor.



Exercise 4 EveryBody Circuit Training Series 2

Disclaimer: I received this DVD free as a preview copy from the instructor, Barry Lovelace.

This DVD is somewhat over an hour long and consists of:

10 Minute proper form segment (great for beginners)
35 minutes of circuit weight training
20 minute abs workout

The DVD is well chaptered
Chapters include:

Full workout
Proper Form
Circuit Training (3 rounds)
Abs Segment
Why Barry is a Vegan

Exercisers are Barry and Shelly.

The proper form segment is filmed at Barry's gym in Pennsylvania and consists of a run through of all the main exercises in the workout including those used in the warm-up. This is a great feature for those new to weight training. Barry is very thorough without being too chatty.

The warm-up and circuits are filmed on location at The Farm Sanctuary in New York which is a rescue farm for animals. They exercise on a deck overlooking a pasture and hills in the distance.

The warm-up is done with a medicine ball (I liked this simply because I have a really nice medicine ball and hardly anything to use it with!) and consists of:

Lunge and reachs

2 sets of 10 reps each.

The main circuits require an exercise ball and consist of:

Bicep curl seated on the ball
Shoulder press seated on the ball
Flyes lying on the ball
Lying tricep press on the ball (skullcrushers)

Put the ball aside and then

Cardio --running in place 1 minute
Upright rows
Squat and press
Wide (plie) squats

end of the circuit and the circuit is repeated two more times

Reps consist of 8 regular, 3 pulse (3 step reps), 8 regular, 3 pulses, and 8 regular reps again. So this is a high rep workout. All of the above exercises are done for this amount of reps except the squat and press which is a straight 20 reps. Barry and Shelly use one size weight throughout. I'd have a couple different poundages handy to heavy up on the squats. I used 5's and 8's and with that amount of reps it was plenty although I could have used 12's on the lower body work.

The cooldown consists of basic shoulder, bicep, tricep, calf, quad and hamstring stretches.

An odd thing about this DVD is that the "Full Workout" selection does not take you right into the abs segment. You have to go back to the main menu and select it almost like it is a bonus chapter. The abs workout lasts about 20 min. and I have to admit I didn't complete it, I found it tough but abs are my least favorite part to work.

Abs Segment

Filmed in Barry's gym, you need an exercise ball for these

Round 1:

8 reps-3 sets of each
Crunch with arms overhead
Crunch with arms outstretched
Oblique twists

Round 2:

3 sets of each
Same exercises with pulses for more intensity.

Round 3:

Abs on the floor
3 sets of these

Knee raised crunch
Upper and lower crunch
Upper crunch w. pulses
Upper and lower crunch
Lower Crunch w. pulses.

The film quality of the DVD is good and for each rest between circuits and during pauses in the workout fitness and nutrition tips come up which are fun to read and hear.

The chapter "Why Barry is a Vegan" consists of a little maybe minute long pitch for veganism and vegetarianism as Barry walks around "The Farm Sanctuary" and a prompt to have a look at the Farm's website.

Things you might like or dislike about this DVD:

Barry asks the background exerciser several times where she feels the work in the muscle.

There is no music whatsoever but you can hear the outdoor sounds of the birds singing on the farm.

The DVD case is a real DVD case with a picture cover, not a jewel case like his first workout.

You have to go back to the main menu for the abs segment.

The reps countdown with an onscreen counter.

Barry is not chatty but gives form pointers and encouragement throughout.

He includes the upright row exercise which I have read pro's and cons against.

I think if you like a get it on and get it done athletic, gym style weight lifting workout then you'll like this. If you like Tom Holland, the Abs Diet workouts, or Power 90, I think you would like this. Possibly even if you like the Slim Series, you might like this because of the high reps. You get three sets for each major muscle group in a compact timeframe. You can add abs or not depending on your schedule.

Several minor cover issues---nowhere does it state the length of the workout (I like a breakdown on the cover) and the DVD should state that a medicine ball, weights, and a stability/exercise ball are needed to perform this workout.


Instructor Comments:
Barry Lovelace is a certified personal trainer, fitness center owner, and co-host of CNN's Workout Wednesday's.
He can be contacted at www.wegetufit.com