Karen Andes
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This Dyna band video was made after Cher's Body Confidence, which Karen also led the Dyna band work on.

I think it is an improvement, but I still enjoy both workouts. This video is 43 minutes, and if you use a medium (teal) Dyna band, it would be a beg/int video. I used heavier & the heaviest Dyna bands (purple & grey)and felt it was a low int/adv for the upper body exercises; more of an intermediate with the legs. You will need 2 Dyna bands, of the same length & level, for this tape. The setting is a Southwestern design, and the music (on the cover) is described as a pleasing, original score. I remember some piano, and liked it during the chest work, but can't recall more.

The warmup starts out with some shoulder shrugs and rotator cuff exercises done with the band. There was some stretches, too. Next is lower body work. You do squats with the band under your feet, then lunges with the band. Karen uses a step for the lunges. Karen's husband is doing the workout with her, and never speaks except for the introduction of the tape. He is using nothing, but sometimes a chair.

The hamstring work is done with a tied Dyna band. I used a Lower Body Challenge band, and it worked the same. I was surprised of the burn I felt after doing standing rear leg extensions, hamstring curls, then a push with your foot! Ouch! Next is some quad extensions. I liked those alot, and they aren't always found in exercise videos. While maintaining the extension, you do work for the calves & shins. The inner & outer thighs weren't isolated in any exercises. I was surprised they didn't include that, or more for the glutes.

During the exercises, an inset appears and shows what could be done with a barbell at a gym. I think this video was geared towards someone who wants to get started with weights, or join a gym, but has no experience. The video is filled with gym alternatives, machines and free weights, with proper form described for the insets as well. These insets do not distract from the workout, however.

Back work is next. I found this killer with 2 purple Dyna bands, in the second set. The first set of lat rows uses only 1. You alternate between an upright row move, then a lower pull move. Inbetween sets, the next exercise you hold the band in front, and pull to the back. I really felt it between my shoulder blades.

Chest work consisted of chest flyes and presses. I felt a burn with this section as well. Throughout the video, you have plenty of time to get into postition, with the exception of the shoulder work. They are already standing on the bands, so get ready. Here they used the bands separately, standing on each end while doing lateral raises, over head presses, and upright rows. There were at least 2 sets, and 2 exercises (sometimes 3) for each body part on the upper body. Biceps & triceps had normal exercises. This video had better tricep work (French press & a side pull move), than what Karen chose for Cher's video.

The ab work, I felt was too easy. The Lower Body Challenge band did make the lower abs a bit harder though. I'm not sure how Karen hooked her band into the step, so I didn't do that part. However, the ab work was short, so I don't think it would have increased the intensity that much, for me.

The ending stretches were mostly body building poses. There was one lat pull stretch that felt good, holding the band over head and pulling down. Then you take the band and move it forward, so that it is against the back of your head. Then you pull forward, and stretch the back of your neck. That also felt good, but the rest of the stretching didn't feel that good to me. I'll probably use the lower & upper body segments, then stop the tape and add on a cardio, from now on. Overall, this is a great Dyna band video. I'd rate it an A-.

Lorrie Gigler