Diverse Fitness Total Body Workout

Andy Miller

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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I'll first discuss what I liked about the video. First and foremost,it's quick. I'm extremely busy and rarely find the time to exercise. This videos total running time is less than half an hour. The warmup is only a few minutes, which I think should of been a little longer. The routine itself is approximately fifteen minutes, and the cool down is another few minutes. This is perfect for my busy and hectic life. The next thing I like is the convenience. My living room floor is adequate space and my carpet serves as an exercise mat. The only thing I needed was a pair of dumbbells which I already had. The exercises are low impact and easy to follow. I don't care too much for complex choreography or exercises that are impossible to do. I'm substantially overweight, so me and high impact exercises don't go together. Oh! I almost forgot, the DVD is broken down into chapters. The chapters are as follows: introduction, warm-up, routine, cool-down and nutrition. I don't have to go through the introduction every time I do the routine or bother with the fast forward and rewind buttons. I liked the music alot, it seemed very hip.
Now for what I didn't like. The floor was dirty! I know it's trivial but I couldn't help but noticing.
I'm a complete beginner with the whole fitness thing and this routine was perfect in every way. I would highly recommend it to another beginner. If your advanced,It's my opinion that it would be too slow.
I hope this review helps.

Instructor Comments:
I think Andy did a great job instructing. He explained each exercise and how to properly do them prior to execution. While doing the exercises he just counts the reps. I think he could of been a little more vocal, however, I prefer less talking opposed to instructers who are chatty and repetitive in their words. He appears to be a nice, soft-spoken , genuine person. He also has an excellent physique.

Jamie Rippa