Cosmpolitan Body Sculpting

Brenda Dykraaf
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This is an older body sculpting video but it is a good one. It's all over sculpting that targets every area of the body. I bought it about 6 years ago and I still do it. It uses 2 sets of hand weights. I use 3lb and 5lb. On other toning videos I use 8lb but I still haven't been able to go that high on this video. It set on a beautiful location on a California resort. It's about 60 min long. It has a nice warm-up then she moves into upper body work using the heavy weights for the chest and back then to lighter weights for the shoulders with squats. Then she moves back to heavier weights for the biceps and triceps. She then does some standing calf work. She then moves down to the floor for some butt and thigh work. She also does ab work using your light hand weight for resistance. Overall I think this is a great intermediate body sculpting workout. I recommend it!!

Instructor Comments:
I really liked this instructor. She looks like she is really having fun. She has a fantastic body! But when she says "I can feel it, can you?" You are thinking to yourself "no you can't!" I wouldn't mind getting another video of hers.