Core Secrets Head to Toe Extended Version

Gunnar Peterson
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Length - 44 min
This is his first core secrets cardio workout.

The good:
This is really fun, and the time flies. Besides a few conventional moves like bicep curls and lunges, the rest are different moves that emphasise the core and functional fitness. Very fun.
He works thru each set of exercises twice. I love that you know what's coming and can sub if you like - because I'm like that

The bad:

1) The warmup! Since when is stretching a warmup? After a few arm circles both ways, both DVDs move to a series of stretches. Very nice ones, but I don't feel good stretching a cold body. ( I handle this by boogying around my living room to something with a beat for a few minutes before)
2) The cool down - it's ok, but there aren't enough stretches for my taste. No problem really though, as I just do the beginning stretches again.
Surprisingly enough, I preferred this. Even though it's the cardio version, and I never do cardio except dancing. But this is ok, the cardio intervals are really really short - 20 skips or a few low squat hops. They break the exercises up, and it's fun. So I am finally getting a bit of cardio into my life - yay!
The abwork is also more interesting. He does some side lying waist work, some standing stuff,some crunches with one leg up, and a few with a weight over the head - these are tough.

One strange thing though besides the WU - the deadlifts. I think of a deadlift as a straight leg bendover with a flat back. He does "deadlifts" combined with hammer curls but they look like squats. Bent knees down and up. ?

Anyway, this is totally a keeper. Love it.

Instructor Comments:
I like him, but hello - the baggy clothes are more suited to a hiphop dance video. I want to see his form and positioning. It's true that his female cohorts are typically scantily dressed (not too much, don't get me wrong) and their form is pretty good - but I want to see the finer details of the pose on the pro. (In this DVD though one of them on the back right is definitely using weights that are too heavy for her - you can see the momentum controlling her.)