Chyna Fitness: More than Meets the Eye

Year Released: 2000

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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If you can get past the leather and Chyna's massive implants this is a great workout. For WWF fans, it is a must. You'll love seeing Chyna hanging out with the likes of Big Show, Rikishi, Grandmaster Sexay, Road Dogg, Godfather, and HHH. There are plenty of clips of Chyna in the ring doing many of her fabulous moves interspersed throughout the workout.

The workout consists of a 6 min. warm-up followed by 6 rounds of work. I find that this is more of an upper body workout. The only leg work consists of the exercises (done without weights) during the "cardio" segment of the rounds. Chyna doesn't count reps, you just do the exercise for the time limit (I found it was around 20 reps). This would allow you to use as heavy of weights as you would like, going as slow as necessary. You need three sets of weights and a bench (or step). Chyna is no Southern belle (watch out Firm "ladies"). I don't know what size weights she used but they were no girly 3 pounders. I could see that she was using two 60 lb. dumbbells for the deadlifts! I used 8/10/12 an could have gone higher. I agree with Collage's level as intermediate but you could make it much harder with heavier weights.

The six minute warmup is mostly kicks and punches.

1st round: Chest press, bicep curls, side laterals/1 min. cardio of basic kicks stretching

2nd round: Bent over one arm row, tricep dips/ 1 min. cardio of lunges stretching

3rd round: Push-ups, back extensions, seated back laterals/1 min cardio squat thrusts stretches

Round 4 Concentration curls,tricep french press/ 1 min cardio squats/plyo jumps stretches

Round 5 one arm side laterals done in an arc, dead lifts/1 min cardio of side squats stretches

Round 6 Stationary plank position, crunches, side obliques, reverse curls. Cool down stretches.

I would definitely use this to replace an upper body workout but it is really light on the leg work. I would have liked to see it extended to 10 rounds with some leg rounds.

The video flips between Chyna in leather and boots working out on a city rooftop and Chyna in shorts and a tank top working out in a brick and wood floored gym. The music is hard rock. The quality is very good.

Chyna is a good instructor. She gives you the tough girl attitude but that is her character. She says she isn't called the "9th wonder of the world" for nothing and she says if you work hard maybe you can be the 10th. In the beginning of the video she states that she wants to show that a big woman can be sexy and feminine. Its good to see someone "different" have such confidence. We don't all have to be emaciated. I am woman! I am strong!

Sandy Mascio


This workout is upper body focused, with short cardio segments. There are 6 "rounds" with 3 strength training exercises, 1 minute of cardio, then there is a recovery/stretch before the next round. I really appreciate the time to stretch. This is a great one to use your heaviest weight. Each exercise has between 18-22 reps, with the exception of the back extensor work and the dead lifts, which had about half that. Actually, the deadlifts were the only exercise using weights that targeted the lower body. The rest were in the cardio segments, such as faster paced lunges and squats to get the heart rate up. Most of the impact was lower, until she added power to some of the moves.

the exercises were, in order:

Round 1) bench presses, bicep curls, side laterals--cardio: knee lifts & kicks with high arm raises, then stretch.

Round 2) lat rows, other arm lat rows, tricep dips--cardio: alternating lunges with her signature move "guys get out your cups" she says! Stretch

Round 3) Pushups, back extensors, rear delts--cardio: squat thrusts which seem to be like a move we called "burpies" in PE in school, then stretch.

Round 4) concentration curl, other arm, overhead tricep press--cardio: squats & high jumps, stretch.

Round 5) 1 arm lateral raises, other arm, dead lifts--cardio: skier type move, some with power, then stretch.

Round 6) ab work, short planks then traditional ab work.

There is plenty of time to get into position in each round, and everything is slow & controlled. A new move to me, was the shoulder work, the way you fan your way from frontal raises to lateral raises & then back, in round 5. I really felt a burn in my shoulders. Michelle Dozios had a hand in designing this workout the credits listed.

If you want a harder intermediate level tape, that is focused on upper body with cardio--this could be for you. Chyna makes it fun, so it wouldn't be for the overly serious. There are a few comments here & there that are not what you may want to hear every workout, but it is a good change of pace. I'd rate it an A-.



I bought this video out of boredom and also because of curiosity. I've had it for awhile and have only done it once. Her outfits are a big turnoff. The video switches between 2 scenes- one where she's in a s&m style leather outfit and another tight outfit- both show major implant cleavage- not something I need to see while working out.

She does cycles of 2 strength exercises (1 set each), then 1 min of pretty easy cardio, then a stretch. The video would be good for an easy day. You get some strength exercises in and a little cardio (not much though if you're advanced). I give it a C-.