Chicometrics II

Chico Caldwell
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This 55-minute workout is a combination of Callanetics, traditional toning and some unique isometrics. No weights are needed; just a chair and mat. The set is a garishly-decorated living room done in conflicting reddish patterns. The music is R&B. Two background ladies accompany Chico in doing the exercises.

The upper body work is short and rather worthless, but I definitely felt the abdominal and leg/glute exercises. Just as a frame of reference, I'm an int/adv exerciser. Unfortunately, I found the workout very dull, perhaps because the production has a very homemade and dated feel to it. Even though I don't consider it less effective, and I actually prefer the more varied ab work, I would much rather do the more professionally produced Bar Method series.

Instructor Comments:
Very likeable, but gives very fast and sketchy form pointers. Instead, he spent most of his time counting each rep out loud and make repeated references to Myrtle Beach.