The Campitelli Advanced Speed Exercise Method for Men

Frank Campitelli
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Thereís nothing about this that makes it particularly for men. Itís a series of 10-minute strength workouts, each concentrating on a particular area of the body. I love this format Ė itís perfect for short add-ons to the end of a cardio workout. It starts with a 12-minute introduction explaining the program, followed by 5 different workouts: (1) biceps, triceps, deltoids; (2) abs, low back, calves; (3) back and chest; (4) quads, hamstrings, glutes; (5) biceps, triceps, shoulders. The video quality is not great, but it is a sound no-nonsense, non-gimmicky workout.

Annie S.