Bodywedge: Power Sculpt

Rich Decker, Jon Griswold

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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I have all four BodyWedge DVDs. They are produced by Greg Twombly, so the set, music and production quality area all fine. Not outstanding, but acceptable. I like the music better in this one.

Each DVD starts out with a 10 minute instructional segment led by BW inventor, Rich Decker. He explains the 21 BW exercises, while a woman named Ann demonstrates. He gives form pointers and modifications for the exercises.

Power Sculpt is the workout that comes with the BW. It is 21 minutes long. There are 21 exercises. With 21 reps of each exercise. Of the four BW DVDs, this is the one I will probably keep. There is no warm-up, you go right in to the crunches. It moves along at a fast clip, so you canít go very heavy. Iíve found that I don\'t like the exercises where you stand on or step onto the BW. I donít want to take any chances with my knees.

Rich and Jon take turns leading the exercises.

Here we go:

1) Incline crunch
2) Incline cross leg crunch (obliques)
3) Reverse crunch (lower abs)
4) Incline side crunch (love these!)
5) Rear double leg lifts lying on BW (they call it the ďMermaid)
6) Rear bent leg raise
7) Side leg raise
8) Triceps push-up
9) Incline chest press
10) Incline flye
11) Incline pullover
12) Incline triceps extension
13) Decline crunch (yeah, right!)
14) Decline chest press (I got the BW so I could do these)
15) Decline flye (ditto)
16) Assisted push-ups (I need all the help I can get!)
17) Knee up floor crunch (knees on BW)
18) Knee up cross crunch
19) Incline pelvic tilt
20) Incline lunges (donít like these)
21) squats

I like the BodyWedge a lot and am glad I got it. I am excited to try it with my Cathe, Cory and Joyce videos. I\'d like to see a stretch video using the BW. That could be awesome!

Instructor Comments:
Rich Decker - the inventor of the BodyWedge. He is extremely serious at all times. The box has photos of him smiling. He has a nice smile. He needs to do it more often.

Jon Giswold - The talker, moaner and groaner. He has a friendly and relaxed manner.