Body Sculpting

Heidi Miller
Year Released: 1988

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This is a no-fluff, get-to-it-and-get-it-done weight workout. It has three 20-minute sections: (1) chest, shoulders, triceps; (2) back, biceps, abs; and (3) legs and calves. This style suits me to a T. Iíve never been one to spend a whole hour doing weight work Ė Iíd rather be doing step or high/low. Weights are usually an add-on at the end, so these 20-minute routines are perfect. Heidi Miller sort of reminds me of Cory Everson, whose weight workouts I also like. I donít think this video is in print anymore. I found it on eBay ages ago and just recently got around to trying it. You may be able to find it on eBay or

Annie S.