Body Electric: Perfect 10, Volume 1

Margaret Richard
Year Released: 1994

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This has two half-hour workouts. The first is actually more like 25 minutes and covers push-ups, triceps, biceps, abs, outer thighs, and glutes. It was one of those “short-and-sweet” workouts that go by quickly, except it seemed like there were about a bzillion pushups. The glute and outer thigh work was tough and good. The second workout covers calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, deltoids, and back. I found this one dull and repetitive. Exercise-wise, it was fine, just too many of the same thing.

Annie S.


Workout Type: Total Body Weightwork

Workout Length: Part 1: warmup - 3.15 min . Upper Body work 7.30 min + Abs 3 min. Lower Body work - 10min. + cooldown and stretches - 3min. = Total 27.30 min.
After 27.30 min. a sign comes up on your tv screen and says "For a Shorter Workout stop now"
Part 2 warmup - 3.30min.+ Lower Body work - 14.30min. + Upper Body work - 6.30min. cooldown and stretch - 3min. Total Part 2 = 27.30 min.

Fitness Level: Geared for Advanced and Intermediate, Her moves are slow enough to allow Beginners to keep up. She has form reminders.

Equipment: chair, dumbells, mat

Set: 4 louvers windows, beige walls and 2 thin tall plants.

Attire: M. - white print one piece with blue tights. the others top and bike shortsize one piece, the man wears black shorts .

Cast: Margaret, 3 women and one man

Effectiveness: Very very thorough workout, you do every muscle group, as usual in multiple ways and multiple times.

Music: Jazzy with a beat.

Presentation: Expertly and smoothly flows from one move to another. She does some parts of the upper body in the first part and the parts she didn't do in the 2nd Part. she does the same with lower body. so you can do part 1 one day and 2 the next day, since they complement each other. Both can be done on one day. that's what I do. Loved the thoroughness of this workout.

Abreviations I'll use: QS = quick stretch

Warm up: 3.15min.

The Workout: Upper Body - Pecs
14 Pushups then stretch back
16 pushups then stretch back
alternate pushups with stretchback 3x + stretch back 5x
then 3 very slow.

Biceps and Triceps - while standing
bicep curls 20x 1st arm
triceps 18x - 1st arm above head
bicep curls 20x 2nd arm
triceps 14x - 2nd arm above head

at 10.45 min. Abs 3min. then QS

at 14min. Outer Thighs. Lay on side, bend top leg 90 degrees
lift leg 20x
up and extend and in 8x
combo out, pulse 2x, lift, bend, and down 5x
pulse at extended position 30x QS

at 17.45min. 2nd leg
lift leg 16x
up and extend and in 6x
combo out, pulse 2x, lift, bend, and down 5x
pulse at extended position 40x QS

at 21min. Bridgework 3min.

Cooldown - 3min. on mat , includes hip flexor stretch, ham stretch etc.

END Part 1 = 27.30min.

Part 2 M. wears black print with black tights.

Warm up 3min. flowing moving motions, slow dance.

The Workout: Lower Body
Calves - hold on to chair for balance while standing. (I placed 26lb barbell on my shoulders here)
music is fast speed
Lift and lower both heels:
feet out ankles in - 16x
feet parallel - 8x
lift stay up for 3 count, 8x
heels in lift stay up 8x
lift, bend at knees then straighten down 6x
pulse up, heels in - 20x
parallel - 12x

at 7.20 min. Hamstrings while standing.
1st leg, - bend at knee to 90 degree angle - 20x
pulse back -16x
pulse up - 16x
bend at knee to 90 degree angle - 8x
pulse back -20x
pulse up - 8x QS

at 10.30 min. 2nd leg
bend at knee to 90 degree angle - 24x
pulse back -16x
pulse up - 16x
bend at knee to 90 degree angle - 8x
pulse back -20x
pulse up - 20x QS

at 14.00 min. Quads -
Standing squats wide legs 16x
3 - count static lunge one side 8x
3 - count static lunge other side 8x
then open leg pliees
then down lift alternating heels
then lunges on one side
then lunges to other side.

at 18min. Deltoids - position arms in L-shape elbow at shoulder height, then bring arms from side to front.
then bring arms to side delt then up then down
side delt palms forward
then with straight arms open side (as if to hug)
bring to front then frontals
then bring arms to side delt then up then down
arms around and up
then pulses straight out at sides.

then from armsstretched forward palms facing each other, alternate.
then not so bent rows in standing position.

then pulse arms at sides.
standing bent rows
changes direction palms face.
straight arm side delts

at 24.30 cooldown 3min.

Instructor Comments:
Instruction: M.s hair is wavy shoulder length. She is comfortable, controlled and personable. Her instructions are clear and helpful