Body Burner: Rock Star Workout

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This is a 34 minute high intensity rebounder workout.
It was designed to be done on the Body Burner, or Yog Flex, but could be done on any rebounder by ading your own resistance tubing under a leg.

It's led by a muscular man, and the class is 6 or so women on rebounders. The set is o.k. - bright enough, brick walls in back, a mirror on the side. Nobody stood out as a ham or exhibitionist.

It starts with a very short warm up, then has a few minutes of stretching. I didn't think the warm up was enough to really warm the muscles for the stretch, so skipped stretching and kept warming up.

Next, you get on the rebounder, and start to do light bouncing, adding simple arm movements.
Very quickly it escalates into pretty intense boucing, jogging, punching and kicks. Lots of knee crunches - both to the front and to the side.
The workout has a lot of kickboxing done on the rebounder - so you need great balance, or the stability bar. Some of the moves seemed too fast to me - a couple of front kicks followed immediately by a side kick; front kick, back kick, and repeat - done quickly. That's great on the floor, but on the rebounder is tricky. There is a disclaimer across the bottom telling you to go at your own speed, while the instructor is counting and telling you to keep up!

You end with bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, rows, lateral and front shoulder raises all using the resistance band. Then go to abs lying on the rebounder, and a stretch.

I didn't really notice the music -even though the instructor mentioned once that he liked the song that was playing, it didn't catch my attention.

Not a bad workout - I'll probably do it again, but it's not a favorite, either.

Instructor Comments:
I can't remember his name - seems pleasant, encouraging, does most of the workout with you, but does get off and move through the class to give form pointers.