Body Bar: Deep Definition

Rob Glick
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This is a one-hour total body functional strength workout using a body bar (volume 20 of the Body Bar series). It is led by Rob Glick (who designed the workout with Aileen Sheron). Clare Dunphy and Violet Zaki are the background exercisers.

The set is pleasant and well lit. I've seen it in other Body Bar productions. I enjoyed the music, provided by Musicflex.

I would rate the workout as intermediate. As a comparison, I find it a little less intense than Equanimity or Ripple (two other Body Bar productions). Of course, the intensity can be adjusted by the body bar poundage.

I own the VHS version of this workout, so I can't comment on any DVD features.

The equipment list is refreshingly short: exactly one body bar. I believe Rob uses a 12-lb. bar, and Clare and Violet 9-lb. bars. My 8-lb. Firm Sculpting Stick worked well for me. Unlike other workouts I could name (cough, cough -- Core Secrets -- cough, cough), I found the exercises in Deep Definition remained consistently effective using just the one weight. You do need a body bar, as most of the moves don't translate well (or at all) to dumbbells. For floor work a 4-lb. mini-bar is used, but Rob notes you can substitute a light dumbbell or just use your own body weight. I disassembled my Sculpting Stick and it worked fine.

This workout is designed to increase functional strength as opposed to muscle size. Per the box: "The focus is on core strength, functional training, balance, flexibility, and symmetry." I found this an accurate description. The exercises often have a balance/stabilization element, like doing biceps curls while standing on one leg, or overhead presses with one arm (holding the bar in the middle). Rotational moves are incorporated into some of the exercises. I especially appreciated how Rob hit some body areas usually overlooked in strength videos, such as wrists, shins, and the rotator cuff.

The workout includes some squats and rear lunges (dips), but no forward lunges. It is pretty easy to modify almost all of the squats and dips to keep them unweighted. For example, instead of holding the body bar to the chest during dips, I planted it beside me on the floor (a la The Firm dowel). Rob actually suggests this modification on occasion. I have rather sensitive knees, but they weren't complaining after this workout.

As is usual in Body Bar workouts, the two background exercisers demonstrate modifications. Clare and Violet did so here, but not always. I would have definitely appreciated if one of them could have consistently shown an unweighted modification for dips and squats. However, as noted, it wasn't hard to make this adjustment on my own. (Besides, Rob is so friendly and encouraging, I just get the feeling he wouldn't mind me doing my own modifications!)

Overall I like this video a lot and plan to use it regularly. I recommend it to anyone interested in adding a functional fitness component to their workouts. It is also a nice choice for folks who just want to get more use out of their Firm Sculpting Stick!

Instructor Comments:
This is my first video with Rob, and I liked him a lot. He's cheery and unpretentious, and has nice rapport with Violet and Clare. He explained the exercises well.