Beauty to the Bone 1

Margaret Richard
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Beauty To The Bone is comprised of four 30 minute workouts. The DVD is chaptered with easy to access exercises. Both volumes are total body and 60 minutes each. Volume One has floorwork for the lower body and some upper body. Volume Two has standing lower body and the pectorals are worked on the floor and Delts are worked seated.

Volume One Program A

In this volume Margaret works along with Tanya only.

Warm Up

Program B

Outer Thighs
Inner Thighs
Cool Down

Instructor Comments:
Margaret is tough in an elegant way.



This is the breakdown for Program A as listed on the DVD Menu:

Workout 1
Deltoids/Rotator Cuff

Workout 2
Outer Thigh
Inner Thigh
Cool Down

Although this is described as two 30-minute workouts, there is no real division between the two sections; also, I clocked the warm-up/upper body at 26.5 minutes and the abs/lower body/cool down at 30.5 minutes. Margaret works out in a large studio that has various abstract art prints in the background, and there is one background exerciser, Tanya. The music is upbeat and includes instrumental versions of various 70s pop hits (eg, Chicago).

After the 3.5-minute warm-up (very gentle stretches; doesn't really get your heart rate up), the workout begins on the floor for the pec flies, triceps extensions, and triceps dips (on mat). Margaret then moves to standing for the biceps, forearms, delts, and rotator cuff work. Going back to the floor in the supine position, she does some torso and leg lifts to strengthen the lower back.

The abs segment comes next--this was a fairly traditional crunch sequence. Lower body work follows, all of which is performed on the floor. (Margaret and Tanya use leg weights.) Exercises here include standard leg lifts for inner and outer thighs, bridgework for glutes, and front leg extensions for quads. The workout concludes with a 2.5 minute standing oblique segment before moving on the 3-minute cool-down.

Nothing about these exercises was particularly new and different; they were just straightforward and effective. Margaret was quick to point out that you are building muscle, NOT addressing fat; she encouraged walking/other aerobic activity for fat loss. She also frequently encouraged you to lift heavier weights as needed.

Overall, I really liked this workout. No, there wasn't anything unique about it, but I enjoyed Margaret's low-key personality and her overall style. Also, I found that even though it was almost an hour long, the workout flew by for me, perhaps because Margaret keeps you moving the entire time. I'm new to Margaret Richard but most definitely a fan. :)

Instructor Comments:
Margaret strikes me as similar in style to Karen Voight, although more smiley and goofy (she is also obviously more buff, and she speaks with a slight southern accent). She offers solid mirror cueing.

Beth C (aka toaster)


Workout Type: Muscle Sculpting (Upper and Lower body)

Workout Length: Upper Body Sculpting : warm up - 3. 30 min. Upper body 18 min. Abs 3min. Lower Body Sculpting: 25min. then standing stretches - 3 min. then more stretches - 3min. Total Length: 56.30min.

Fitness Level: This tape is tough enough for advanced, since you just add more weights, and perfect for beginners because she even has Tanya (her student) demonstrate a couple of moves before doing them.. She reminds you of form pointers.

Equipment: all optional depending on your level - Hand Weights, Leg weights (if desired), mat, towel

Set: 2 Large modern Art paintings, some material draped behind them.

Effectiveness: I found it to be very effective, my muscles felt it.

Music: Jazzy style, smooth and soothing for warmups and cooldowns.

Presentation: Time flew by for me..

The Cast: Margaret and Tanya (a beautiful thin black girl wearing a long pony tail)

[b] Attire: Margaret wears a black shirt with black pants, Tanya wears a red shirt with black pants.

Warmup : 3.30 min
fluid movements and stretches, balance moves,
neck, shin, back, inner thigh, etc. stretches.

Upper Body Workout: 18.30 min. (I used 12lb hand weights but I think she used 5 or 8lb)

Pec flies: Tanya demonstrates move while Margaret explains.
5 Full then 8 2-count pulse
Margaret joins Tanya - 5 Full then 8 2-count pulse
then 2 Full then 3 pulses quick stretch.

Triceps: (I used 7lbs.)
lie on back arms extend over head, bend and straighten arms.
28x then 2 2-count pulse
Triceps Dips - on mat! lift and lower ... she gives 3 versions of this move, one is legs extended.
4x then 3x then 4x
back to triceps with weights - 6x quick stretch

Biceps: (I began with 12lbs and had to pyramid down as low as 7lbs 'cause it gets Tough!!!!)
Tanya demonstrates 4x hammer curls and 4 bicep curls
then Margaret joins her -
5 curls
8 stop in middle face palms down, lift and lower hand only (Ouch!)
4 curls with palms still facing down.
4 2-count curls turn palms up
4 Delt Flies (face back of hand to sides open arms to sides, elbows at waist)
then 8 3-count pulse at top.
4 hammer curls
4 reg.
4 3-count pulse

Rotator Cuff: (description - while standing brings arms in front wrist to elbow parallel to floor then opens
to sides and brings together)
then 8x from bent military position bring only rotate elbows so hands go up and down. (tough!)
then straight arm Delt flies
8x hold arms out with palms up and pulse,
full delt flies,
then a couple of each. quick stretch.

Back - lie on stomach, lift torso up and down.
8x then 8x while rolling body bar or weights forward and back under hands.
8x just leg lifts.
then lift legs open and close quick stretch.

at 21.30 Abs - 3 min. then quick stretch.

Lower Body: 29 min.

outer thigh: 14 lifts then 8 2-count
then extend forward and back 6x in circular motion
8 straight pulses then 4 then 4 then 4 then 4 of each move.

Inner thigh: (Music - dancing machine!)
16x extend and straighten leg
4 bend knee foot in
12 pulses with leg straight
12 extend and straighten leg
4 bend knee foot in
12 pulses with leg straight quick stretch after each leg is worked.

Bridgework: at 41.30 min.

laying on back, extend legs in front,
6 full then 12 up and down halfway
then pulse then lift one leg up.

at 49.30 stand , no weights, stretch body side to side oblique work.

at 53.30 stretches.

at 56.30 End.

Total Rating: Excellent Body Sculpting it is what it advertises itself to be, it does not suggest cardio, for what it is, it achieves it's goal.. my opinion it's a 10 out of possible 10 points. (IMO!) I really like Margaret.It is also a flexible video because you can do upper body one day and lower on another since each section is complete

Instructor Comments:
Instruction: Calm and soothing form pointers throughout. Margaret continually emphasises form, form, form.
She encourages you to "heavy up" at one point tells you "if you are using heavier weights then slow down the movement." Many times she smiles happily, you can see she is enjoying herself, and it is contagious.



I really like Margaret Richard, but this is not a video I will keep. I will continue however, to try her tapes (I enjoyed Lower Body Sculpture very much). This was a good overall body workout and was safely demonstrated, but something was missing for me.

The setting includes a large backdrop of attractive, abstract paintings in a "studio" setting. She is joined by another woman (younger and of a different body type). The music is low and non-descript (elevator music would describe it accurately). Margaret often demonstrates proper technique using the woman as an example and then she joins in on the exercises. I have to say, her form and pointers were very helpful in executing the moves properly.

The workout began with slow stretches and no rhythmic warm-up. As an instructor, I don't like to workout with weights unless the muscles are warmed up with large movement before stretching, so I was surprised at this approach. She did proceed to some large body limbering for warmth but it was after the slow stretches.

Margaret proceeded to train the upper body and then mostly the lower body, through floor and standing work. She would switch from standing to floor at times, which is fine, but not a method I like to follow. I enjoy standing work first and then switching to all floor to finish up.

Her upper body workout was good - I even had to go down a weight due to the number of reps (I used 5, 8 and 10 lb dumbbells - she used 5 lb throughout). Her cueing seemed off though as all of sudden she would change the move making it too abrupt to transition slowly. The same happened with the lower body floor work.

She used ankle weights on the floor and the hip and bun work was a killer, but I am not crazy about ankle weights, as they seem stressful on my joints. Her ab work was slow and controlled and I felt it. Margaret does work the muscles slowly and that is very good. Even when she speeds up the workout, it is still within control.

Overall, I did get a good muscle workout, but it was not with smooth progressions. I guess I am spoiled by Body Bar and Cathe weight workouts and Firm videos. The production seemed "amateurish" at times, as though Margaret wasn't sure what she was supposed to be doing next. She is a beautifully fit woman though; whom I admire a great deal and I can see how helpful she is to many viewers. This just wasn't my type of weight workout.

Janet O'Neil