The Basics - Strength Conditioning

Alan Harris
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This workout turned out to be 20 minutes long and was strength training for only the biceps and triceps.

There was a very slim warmup -- actually I hesitate to call it a
warmup at all -- and there was nothing in particular done to warm up the areas that were going to be worked. At one point in this sparse 'warmup' he did lunges to stretch the inner thighs. Why? I dont know.

The class consisted of 7 or so women who could not do the exercises in sync if their lives depended on it.
At one point, a woman at the front of the class had finished her reps and was sort of dancing around while she was waiting for the others to catch up and switch to the other side.
There was poor form all over the place, especially from another woman at the front.

Also, there was no cooldown at all... one of the women in the class did start to stretch her triceps while Alan was gabbing
at the end, but he did not instruct anyone to do so.

This workout isnt much use to me as I want to do more than just biceps and triceps in a short upper body workout.
Also I was peeved that i had to count my own reps and couldnt keep pace with the class because there was no prescribed pace.

I could get the same workout just doing these standard
exercises on my own and as a bonus, I wouldnt have to put up with this crappy production!

Instructor Comments:
Alan Harris wins my award for 'most annoying fitness instructor'.

He didnt do the workout but was constantly running around shrieking something and constantly asking what rep they were doing.
He didnt shut up once during the whole workout.

If Alan gave any good form pointers, then I missed them because I tuned him out early on.

He didnt count the reps much and couldnt cue left/right properly.

Carolyn Visser