Barry's Bootcamp Code Red

Barry Jay, Cindy Whitmarsh
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This is a great fullbody workout using metabolic strength circuits utilizing full body core movements and many combination movements. If you give a full out effort for one minute on each of these exercises you will definitely get a great workout in a relatively short amount of time.

Here's a detailed breakdown of the program.

Warm-up: March in Place/Jumping jacks (or half jacks)
Do each of the following exercises for 1 minute w/ 30 second rest in between.

1. Blowout (aka Squat Thrust/Burpees)- Bodyweight only: Bend forward and bring hands to the ground (a little wide than shoulder’s width apart). Jump backwards then forward and jump up. Modification: Reverse lunges while bringing both arms forward.

2. Flabs (Chest flye-ab crunch combo)- Transformer and bands: Lie supine on transformer w/ torso supported from glutes to head. Do a chest flye, then from the arms extended position crunch upward, then return to starting position. Modification: Do flye, but lower bands by torso before crunching upward.

3. Buster (lateral tubing walks)-Bands only: Standing on the bands, cross band handles. Raise bands up by chest and step-touch side to side. Modification: keep band handles by hips.

4. Arnold Press (combination seated chest flye-shoulder press combo)-Transformer and bands: Sit on the front of the transformer w/ band anchored underneath. Start with band hands just above shoulders, elbows bent at 90 degrees with palms facing forward, horizontally adduct arms-shoulder (like a pec-deck motion), then return to starting position and continue by pressing arms overhead. Modification: Do the flye and then a one arm punch (alternate arm presses).

5. Uppercut Jam (Shoulder flexion w/ torso rotation and fast feet)-Bands only: Place band under feet with feet a little wider than hip width apart (or wider if you want more resistance). From there rotate as your flex shoulders up and across the body into an upper from side to side (with bent elbows) On trainer’s cue, go into fast feet. Modification: Keep feet closer together for less resistance.

6. Long Walk Home (Alternating forward lunge)-Transformer only: Holding transformer overhead (lengthwise) do alternate forward lunges. Modification: keep hands on hips instead of holding transformer. Also you can have “booty” bands (or tied therabands) around feet for more intensity.

7. Mountain Climbers-Bodyweight only: from plank position quickly alternate running with your feet (flexing at the hips bringing the knees and feet forward and back). Keep the forward leg off the ground. Note-Keep the legs hip width apart, inside the frame of the torso. Modification: just alternate bring each knee forward (at half speed) and then back.

8. Arm Quaker (triceps dips): Transformer: These are triceps dips with hands on transformer and the knees bent. Modification: do this with the hands on the floor.

9. Flunges (Flying lunges): Bodyweight only: Start in split stance position. Quickly alternate feet with a hop. Note: These are not deep lunges; the legs are mostly straight with a slight bend in the knee. Note: Do not let the knees come past the toes. Modification: Alternate reverse lunges while bringing both arms forward.

10. Push Ups-Bodyweight only: Do as many as you can for one minute. Modification: on knees

Cool Down: Clasp hands in front of body w/ feet wider than hip width and drop your head slightly forward. Hamstring stretch w/ one foot forward and dorsiflexed (do this on each side). Clasp hands behind body w/ feet wider than hip width. Then sweep hands over head, grasp one hand with the other, palms skyward and stretch.

Instructor Comments:
Barry IS a bit of a nut but Cindy Whitmarsh helps keep things under control and together they make a great team. I do think that Barry is passionate about helping people to succeed so even though he's a bit over the top at times, I believe his sincerity comes through.

Scott (Yogadad)


Barry says somewhere that this w/o is best used added on to one of the fat blaster workouts to really get the results (or something similiar). The w/o is total body so Ive been using it w/ his 1,000 calorie workout alternating w/ cardio days inbetween.

It is about 15 minutes of 1 min exercises w/ a 30 second rest inbetween sets. The rest is used to set up for the next move/ put your bands or ball away. They use the transformer and tubing for some of the exercises. Some of the exercises include crab walk w/ tubing, burpees (blow-outs), push-ups, biceps, mountain climbers, etc. It alternated between cardio and strength moves. It was a tad tougher than the fat blaster w/o's.

It is very similair to the fat blaster workouts except that it is total body. Someone named Natalie Ratano (sp?) is featured and they keep talking about walking down the red carpet and people commenting on your butts. I could have lived w/out those comments as I dont walk down the red carpet all that often . I did burn a good amount of calories for such a short workout.

Instructor Comments:
Cindy is very helpful w/ form points and her cueing is good. Barry is there for motivation and to keep it fun. Natalie (not leading) doesnt add anything to the workout.