Barry's Bootcamp Belly Blaster

Barry Jay, Cindy Whitmarsh
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This little workout is both fun and effective. Utilizing the bands and oblong stability ball which were included with the Barry’s Bootcamp set, Barry and Cindy lead you through 10 ab exercises done for one minute each. With the warm up and a brief cool down, the total workout is about 17 minutes long.

The warm up included jumping jacks and jump rope. The exercises included the “tea kettle” which was a standing side crunch while holding the bands on one side (one foot stands on the band and the same hand holds it); then a side to side twisting with the band under both feet; tea kettle on the opposite side. Then onto the stability ball with the bands for “pooch killer” (IIRC?) and then side to side to side punching. Then “London Bridge” which is holding plank pose with knees/feet on the ball for one minute. Then onto the floor for bicycle “Elliot and ET” with ball overhead; then with no equipment you do an upper/lower crunch and the final move is a “Victory Crunch” which is a V-sit variation. The cool down included standing side stretching.

The workout is well organized and transitions smoothly from standing work, to work done on the stability ball, to work done on the floor with the ball, and finishes with work done without any equipment. There is a modifier which provides easier modifications. Barry encourages you to challenge yourself but to also just keep moving.

I really enjoy the variety of the moves, the creative exercise titles (sorry can’t remember all of them!), and the jovial banter between Barry and Cindy. This is an endurance workout and my abs definitely feel the burn by the end! I also feel like the upper, lower, and oblique abdominal muscles are worked equally. There is a timer which counts down :60 to :00 seconds, and a different set of music per exercise. This is a great little workout, can’t say enough positive things about it! Grade A+!

Instructor Comments:
I really enjoy Cindy and Barry and all of the Barry’s Bootcamp workouts that I have tried so far. Cindy generally leads, demonstrates the moves, and gives form pointers, while Barry is there for entertainment (which is fine with me). He banters, explains the moves, and also talks about how a diet is what REALLY makes abs, not just these kinds of exercises. I don’t know about others, but that’s a lecture that I need to be reminded on often. They have a great program and I wish they would come out with a Barry’s Bootcamp 2!

Emily B.


This 15 minute ab workout was fun and challenging. Similar in format to the other workouts in the FatBlaster set. Each exercise lasts one minute. Only a beginner modificaiton is shown-maybe we are already doing the advanced move? It says its 10 of Barry's favorite exercises. I don't think there is a full 30 second rest in between each exercise.

Some of the moves are standing-torso twists w/ the band, side bends w/ the band. Some are on the ball-full sit ups using the band. Some are on the floor-bycicle holding the transfomer ball over your head. The moves were different than the moves in the other 2 ab workouts. I found them unique and fun (still challenging of course!)

The sound (volume) in this and the 1,000 calorie workout is lower than in the Fat Blaster set. I have a 13 inch TV and it is almost too low. I dont think anyone w/ a regular TV would have sound issues but I was a bit dissapointed.

Instructor Comments:
Cindy leads the workout with Barry walking around for motivation.