As Soon As Possible: Fit in 15

Paul Katami
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Although this DVD has been around for a while, I have just started one segment per day. It is not at all dated. The 15 minutes includes a brief warmup and cooldown stretch. All of the segments aim to work the muscle to exhaustion and one of the best things about this DVD is the variety between each segment - not just in muscles used, but in approaches & methodology.

Legs and Booty - All mat work. One exercise has two people showing modifications. More booty than legs in my opinion, but I certainly feel it!

Shoulders and Chest - This segment has modifiers and a good variety of exercises. Ends with some work on the floor.

Arms - this is mostly variations of biceps and triceps done at different speeds, no modifiers.

Core - I have to admit to only watching this, as this section seems disproportionately hard compared to the other segments. uses a medicine ball and no modifiers.

Flexibility - I have not used this segment.

Safety tips scroll across the screen when required.

Instructor Comments:
Paul is very straightforward and pleasant.



As part of the A.S.A.P. Fitness series, Fit in 15 provides 5 different 15 minute workouts. They are broken down as follows: (all with their own chapters)

*Core & Abs
*Chest, Back, & Shoulders
*Legs & Booty

Core & Abs:
You'll begin standing using a light med ball. This standing warmup will also begin to work the core, especially the obliques. Paul then takes it to the floor and continues using the ball. The added weight of the med ball intensifies the moves. (your entire abdominal region will feel worked out when you are done) These moves are tough! Side planks and planks with hands on the ball and then with feet balanced on the ball will activate the core even more. A nice stretch will open up the chest and conclude this workout.

This segment targets the biceps and triceps. A quick warmup prepares the muscles to be worked. (such as unweighted bicep curls and tricep extensions) Using one set of weights, Paul takes you through the exercises. (you can go up or down with the weight as needed) You'll perform sets of 12 and go through several exercises and repeat. All your favorites are here: curls, extensions, concentration curls and more. The workout ends with stretches for the biceps and triceps.

Chest, Back & Shoulders:
A mat and one set of dumbbells are needed. (again, adjust weight to meet your level of fitness) A nice warmup prepares you for the weight work. Paul does giant sets: say starting with shoulders, move then to the back area and then back again to the shoulders. Multiple reps will add definition to these areas. Some unique exercises are demonstrated so you won't get bored. This segment is a little longer, running approximately 20 minutes including the stretch.

Legs & Booty:
This all floor mat workout has some pilates flavor to it. You'll work quads, inner/outer thighs, hamstrings and buttocks with effective exercises. This segment uses no props so once you learn the routine, you can perform the exercises anywhere. My legs were feeling the burn with this segment!

Using a mat, Paul takes you through PowerFlow, a gentle flow inspired by yoga and pilates. You'll increase your flexibility and relax all the muscles you've used in the previous segments.

Instructor Comments:

Great form tips throughout the entire A.S.A.P. Fitness series, both verbally and written. (tips appear on screen when needed)