Amplify Your Strength From Within

Kimberly Spreen
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Until I did this workout, I thought Kimberly Spreen could do no wrong. My workout routine is based on heavy strength training, spinning, and Pilates. I like fusion workouts, I love Kimberly’s cuing and personality, and I like bodyweight exercises, so I thought I’d love “Amplify Your Strength”. But I couldn’t wait to trade it!

I agree with the reviewer who said that this workout is similar to “WillPower & Grace”; the music even has a similar tribal feel. But the two workouts are very different. “WillPower & Grace” starts off with a thorough warm-up and a brief cardio session, then the bodyweight exercises are done at a slow and controlled pace. In contrast, everything in “Amplify Your Strength” is done at breakneck speed. Although all of the exercises are familiar to me, I felt that the transitions were so fast I didn’t really benefit from any of them. It’s as though Kimberly was trying to fit every bodyweight exercise there is into 55 minutes.

I think that this workout would suit someone with good agility who likes combining strength training with cardio – I definitely prefer to keep them separate.

Instructor Comments:
Kimberly's cuing is, as always, exceptional. She is very motivating an dhas a likeable personality.



I am reviewing this DVD after completing it once. My workout preferences are yoga, pilates, barre, fusion, and lower body unweighted workout dvds. I don’t usually do traditional weight training. This is a fusion workout incorporating strength moves such as squats and lunges into a sequence of yoga poses(i.e., high lunge, chair). It resembles the Go With the Flow portion of Kimberly’s Triple Threat without the dance moves. Kimberly accomplished what I hoped Intensity would; there is an athletic fusion without the new age concepts. I would categorize this workout with No Equipment Necessary, Minna Lessig’s Strength and Grace, Balletone Sole Synthesis, and Willpower & Grace. Willpower and Grace having the closest semblance. If you are a fan of traditional weight training, you may not like this. I felt thoroughly worked out and some sequences kept me in my fat burning zone. I don’t feel as rejuvenated as I do after power yoga, but I don’t feel expended either. The workout feels very balanced.

I will list some of the series as I remember them. I apologize if they are in the wrong order or I left something out. All moves are repeated on both sides.
The warm-up is squats with shoulder rolls then arm circles.
The main workout has sequences as follows (again may not be in order)
Plank-pushup-updog-downdog-high lunge with a twist
Squats-front lunge-back lunge add knee lift
Squat-squat abduction-curtsey lunge-abduct
Knee smashes-warrior three-tree pose
Side lunges-warrior 2-reverse warrior-side angle pose
Adduction-abduction-arabesque (this sequence moved extremely too fast for my liking)
Side planks on forearms
Reverse plank and reverse table top (caution this is tough on the wrists)
Ending stretch is a mermaid-like flow circling the arms over the body.

Filmed on the CIA set. Produced by Greg Twombly. Includes Kimberly and two background exercisers. One is also on Triple Threat.

Instructor Comments:
Kimberly is very genuine. I feel like I’m working out with someone who truly just wants me to do my best. There is no intimidation. She cues flawlessly and let’s her personality shine through.

lori (lbrtyparrismommy)