Alternative Fitness Body IQ Pt. 2

Janeen Galati
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This is the second tape of the two tape package from AlternativeFitness. In this video you get to put into practice all you've learned in the tutorial video (Pt. 1). It's broken down into four segments and the tape is about one and a quarter hours long. Part 1 Breathing and Flexibility This segment is yoga based with a rising childs pose, cat and dog stretch,one arm/leg balance, down dog weith single leg stretch, cobra and standing forward bends. Part 2 Strength and Endurance Standing poses for leg strength takes you through sun salutations and warrior poses. Part 3 Core Control This segment is all Pilates matwork including the hundred, roll ups,leg circles, single and double leg stretch, pelvic lifts plus more. They use a fitness circle and ball for two exercises but more for leverage and balance. Part 4 Full Body Control This part uses the reformer (and is the longest segment--about 35 min.) which would be great except I don't have a reformer. She does lots of exercises all strictly on the reformer. Finishes up with a yoga type relaxation segment. I think these two videos are a great intro to the mind/body fitness approach and hope to use them alot. The only downside for me is that I can only use half of the second tape since I have no reformer. This wasn't made clear on the website.

Instructor Comments:
Very descriptive instructor with a mellow voice.

Sandy Mascio