Alternative Fitness Body IQ Part 1

Janeen Galati
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This is part of a two video set from and you yoga/pilates fans ought to love these videos. I've only gotten to do the first video but it picks up where the Method never started in combining yoga and pilates. In the Method I never knew WHY we were doing all these movements but this first video outlines the principles of Body IQ (mind body fitness) so clearly that the movements make sense to the thinking part of the body! On this first video Janeen outlines her six basic Body IQ principles by presenting an outline at the beginning of each segment then she describes it and you practice exercises embodying that principle. Her philosophy is "what you do with your body you do with your mind" The principles are: 1) Conscious Breathing You do breathing exercises 2) Anchoring and Stabilization Work on functional ab strength to stabilize spine--exercises like the Hundred, roll ups, leg circles, rolling, the fives, double leg stretch, single straight leg stretch, criss cross, and double leg balance. 3) Spinal Sequencing Childs pose with spinal unrolling, cat/dog stretch series, downward dog. 4 Core Control A lat and oblique exercise, push ups focusing on holding in the downward motion using lats and abs, single arm/leg balance 5) Muscle Lengthening and 6) Dual Action and Lines of energy These produce a stronger,more balanced use of muscle and less injury. Series of Sun salutations A & B which embody these principles (ie sending energy away from anchor) The purpose of the first video is to present the principles, describe them thoroughly, and practice them individually to lead you up to the second video where they will be used in a workout sequence. I think this is a great video for those interested in yoga and pilates. It is not new-agey and looks like it may have been filmed on the CIA set (same set as Afro Caribbean step anyway) and was produced by Greg Twombley. It is very thorough. I will review the 2nd video as soon as possible.

Instructor Comments:
Janeen is a former dancer and exercise physiologist. She is very precise,descriptive and knowledgeable on these videos while coming across as warm and friendly. Her descriptions are so precise you have no problem moving and feelinh what she describes.

Sandy Mascio